iPhone 13 ‘pink screen’ issue affects small number of users


(IANS) A so-called “pink screen” issue is affecting a small number of iPhone 13 units, with a brightly-coloured display and crashes thought by Apple support teams to be a software problem, not hardware.

According to AppleInsider, shortly after the release of the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro lines in late 2021, a small number of users encountered a frustrating situation with their smartphones.

Their iPhones would lock up and display a pink screen, the report said.

Posts to Apple’s support forum offer many examples of the phenomenon, with the general symptoms being the pink display, freezes, and crashes.

As per the report, there is no indication as to what is specifically causing it for the users, but it is seemingly a fixable situation.

Some users state a reset of settings of the iPhone eliminates the problem, while others say they contacted Apple and swapped their handsets for a replacement.

According to a report from MyDrivers about Chinese users encountering the issue, it appears that Apple is aware of the problem’s existence.

A customer service representative is said to have told a consumer that the team hadn’t received “relevant notices” that it was a hardware problem, but said it was a system issue instead.

The advice to affected users is to back up their data and then either factory reset or update iOS to the latest version. If the issue continues to occur, then a hardware repair may be warranted.

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