In the dark abyss of mental and emotional vicissitudes, Gita is absolutely an inextinguishable flambeau. Know it how?


In this modern world, everything is excitingly being enhanced, innovated, and beautified by science and technology. The lifestyle, transportation, health care, everything appears noticeably changed. In the midst of craving to earn copiously, elevating the standard, living a luxury life, we are deliberately putting our mental health aside as if striding to fetch the riches, attaining success and savoring sexual revelries is what means living a great life. Whereas, our minds are still primitive that badly need the nourishment which our ancestors used to give to their minds – peace! 

I believe, at this juncture of time, the most neglected thing in the world is the mind. As technology has become shockingly too heavy for us to not believe it. New generations are prone to fall into this snare of the mind, because they are letting social media platforms replenish their minds with new senses of pride, ego, promiscuity and belligerence. The quotes by random writers are becoming new Vedas for them, who are insanely spreading the ‘Fuck Motivation’ which means that whatever the problem is, yell Fuck and that’s it. It is apparently toxic to witness what is happening in this generation where people are pretty obsessed with living the lives of the movie characters in this battlefield called life, sulking afterwards when life clouts them and letting their minds become their cruel masters. 

Shunning the old ways of living a good life is utterly exciting for this generation, as we are quite enamored with modernity which simply rebuffs the ancient techniques of nurturing a healthy mind. However, this is categorically the main cause of why this generation should  be considered the most grief stricken, emotionally shattered and mentally unstable generation ever. However, This is absolutely fine as we are not only ones who are trapped in the game of the mind.  

If we don’t convince ourselves to believe in our abilities, our fears scorn our abilities, and the befuddled mind laughs at us. This is what Arjuna too had to wade through, when he was standing in the midst of two armies with his invincible charioteer, Shri Krishna, beholding the kauravas fervently flaunting the strength of their army along with the Gurus and great warriors. Despite having the infallible Krishna with him, the Valliant warriors standing on his side, blowing the conch shells that thundered in the sky, making kauravas uncomfortable. Yet, Arjuna felt himself quivering like a feeble person, his bow slipping from his hand. What was bothering him? His mind! He was emotionally shattered when he saw his gurus standing before him to fight. He was delirious, aghast, and cowering with horror of his own sentiments. 

Like Arjuna, we are an inextricable part of this game of life, where the mind is the weapon, a companion and enemy. It solely depends how one befriends it, nurtures it, and fuels it positively. At certain phase of life, we all stumble on such events, when we are emotionally drained, mentally sabotaged, and physically exhausted due to the outburst of emotions, chaos, problems, fears and trauma. Everyone struggles to climb out of this abyss which is perplexing, and creepy. We seem like there is no way out, we suffer. For, fighting back appears to be quite elusive for us in such state of freezing fears, and trauma. That’s when we require something that not only shows us the way to conquer fears, and other emotional agonies, but also inspires to move forward in life, prodding us to live happily and most importantly, fearlessly. That’s what Gita does to those who can’t find peace and the answers of their distressing questions

Gita is in fact an oasis of perennial wisdom that is invigorating, inspiring and wholesome for all people. When Arjuna was squirming out of fear, willing to give up everything and live a life of a solitaire, as his own sentiments were making him feel vulnerable, enfeebling him to believe that he can’t fight. It was certainly the outpouring of emotions, and the pernicious sense of attachments which easily pulverized his doughty spirit of a warrior. It is undoubtedly true that if one’s mind is not calm, and controlled, even the sharpest sword can’t make him feel like a warrior and fight. It is generally seen in everyday life, people with extraordinary valor, talent, and skills, are not believing in themselves. Their minds have made them doubt their abilities. All they do is deplore, but they hardly think they can vanquish their fears, doubts and remake their self image. Like Arjuna, oftentimes we too feel like giving up, and shrinking into our comfort zone where doubts and fears giggle at us, while we sulk.

In the chapters of Gita, one finds simple ways of how to keep the mind healthy, and calm, and live a life of a warrior at any juncture of time, fearlessly and happily with required self belief. In Gita, Shri Krishna reminds us of how powerful weapon we have been gifted, and also discloses the tricks of unleashing its power to utilize for making our existence worth remembering, and relishing the beautiful events of life with unfading joy. Gita is an ultimate destination of all souls who covet peace, tranquility and godly joy. It is not an elixir of happiness, but it is like a flambeau which shows the ways to experience genuine sense of pleasure of this life. It also burns fears and doubts which hamper us. In order to comprehend Gita, I believe that one has to experience every single thing that bothered him, or still bothering before it answers all the questions. And it can be anything – fears, past trauma, resentments, jealousy, greed, and lust. 

Just like Arjuna, we all have to believe in supreme personality, and then stand up, no matter how dark it gets, sans doubts, we must remember that the light is always within us. And we are divinely capable of finding our ways out of the negativity the unruly mind produces against us. We are always in the company of light of which Gita is the source. 

In any phase of life, it is our responsibility to protect our mind, and not let anything unhealthy for us enter our mind which can easily sabotage our abilities like it happened with Arjuna. And just like him, we must surrender to the God, and use his teachings to live happily, performing every task duly that is required in life and proudly exhibit our strength, and capabilities to the world and eventually conquer it. 

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