How Does Fiber To The Home Work?

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Have you realized how the internet has evolved over the years? Individuals can watch a lot of content, download video and audio files, watch movies, and so on. The pandemic has also increased the importance of internet connectivity at home. Having a good network will allow you to work and also enjoy watching online content. But the main problem faced by people when it comes to the internet is connectivity. But with a good fiber-to-the-home broadband connection, you can work effortlessly. If you are looking for ways how FTTH works or its benefits, read through the below parameters.

1. Speed

The internet speed through a fibre optic is 1 GBPS which is ten to twenty times more than 50 to 100 MBPS cable. The speed is the main reason a movie takes hours to download when it comes to the traditional network. Not only will it download a movie in a short span, but it will also increase your work speed. If you are working from home for some reason, having good connectivity will help in many ways.

2. No Throttling

Did you notice that when you need the power most, it goes off? On a hot summer Sunday, when you think of switching on the air conditioner, the power goes off. It happens because of the overloading of power lines. You can expect the same thing with internet systems. That’s why the service providers use throttling to eliminate outrages. The most important thing is fiber optic internet speed will never throttle as it is less susceptible to overload.

3. Reliability

Imagine you are watching a series online, and all of a sudden, the screen freezes. This phenomenon is known as ‘buffering.’ It happens because of the slow cable internet connection because of peak traffic. It overloads the wires, which freeze the screen. But while using fiber optics, you can eliminate all these problems as it can easily handle data and more users. Additionally, they do not need energized lines, and till the fiber optics are intact; delivering bytes and bits is possible even if the lights are out.

4. Maintaining The Same Speed For Uploading And Downloading

It is usual to hear from people that to download a movie, they needed three minutes, and to upload; the time was two hours. This problem is faced by many of them, and the reason is the varying speed of the internet. Cable internet has different downloading and uploading speeds. Most times, the uploading speed is less compared to downloading. It happens because the service providers give more advantage to downloading speed and not uploading. But with fiber optic, users will never encounter this problem. The same speed is experienced in both downloading and uploading files.

5. Better Gameplay

Do you love to play League of Legends or Fortnite, then fiber optic internet might be a suitable option. It will allow you to enjoy high-quality streaming of videos and play the game without any interruption in between. Fiber to the home will help in maintaining consistency and will never spoil your gaming journey. It allows the smooth flow of data constantly.

6. High-Quality Television

Are you thinking of investing in a 4K television? It has been found that the sales of high definition 4K televisions show viewers are interested in watching movies on these devices. It’s because they have four times more pixels which makes images crisper. But the problem is it consumes a huge amount of bandwidth. At times, there might not be enough bandwidth which will impact the quality. You will never face this issue with fiber optic internet and can watch high-quality 4K movies and television shows.

7. Connecting With Several Devices

FTTH allows you to connect several devices without affecting the signal. It offers fast and reliable transmission, and people can connect laptops, tablets, and several smartphones. They can watch videos, music or download and upload files at the same time.

In The End

Fibre to the home is about 20 times better compared to the traditional ones and is the right choice for users. By looking for a suitable service provider, you can get it installed and eliminate the common issues. Fiber optic internet will reduce the loss of signal and increase connectivity.

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