Her ‘No’ to forced conversion made them tyrannize her and eventually they crucified her for not abandoning her Dharma

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A viral video of a Hindu girl disclosing the ordeal she faced in a Christian school before her death, outraged the entire country, unveiling the well hidden agenda of forced conversions in schools run by Christian missionaries. A 17 years-old Hindu girl Lavanya, a student of the Sacred hearts higher secondary school in Tamilnadu, alleged that she was maliciously treated in her school for refusing to convert to Christianity. She also stated in the viral video recorded after she was admitted to the hospital, that the hostel warden, Sagaya Mary routinely tyrannized her, making her clean toilets and do personal works in the hostel. Moreover, she would abuse lavanya and beat her only for being a stubborn Hindu who couldn’t digest the fact that she will have to abandon her religious identity for education in a Christian school. 

After being dragooned into doing inappropriate things in school, and facing disgusting insults unabated, she consumed pesticides to kill herself, but factually for releasing herself from perpetual abhorrence she had to go through in school. How saddening this news is! A school which is meant to build the future of youths, ends up killing a soul that was proud of her religion. 

At this juncture, it can be said that even education is auctioned in such schools where conversions are deemed most important. Where students are repeatedly exhorted to believe that their religion isn’t good enough, so they must convert and get good education in return. Since, Education is evidently sacred, but sadly, it is being garnished with forced conversions in Christian schools, where a Hindu student can’t wear sacred thread on his hand, but he is beguiled to dress up as a Santa and believe his wishes will come true if he prays to Jesus enough. And it is highly lauded and lionized by secular lobbies too, but a Hindu following his dharma unapologetically is instantly given an epithet ‘Communal’. This is a mere glimpse of Indian secularism. Where Hindu students are scared of conversions in the Sacred hearts school, where exploiting Hindu student to death for refusing to convert is not a big issue, but asking a Muslim student to wear school uniform instead of hijab creates huge furor in the same country. 

What happened in Tamilnadu is shockingly terrible. There is a litany of such cases in India, however it never makes any news as even media is enamored with Muslims and Christians. Still, things are changing now. These things are brought to limelight by nationalists like it happened in Lavanya case. Even though media perfectly ignored the case as it is considered to be dangerous to say anything against missionary schools and debunk the lies spread in schools by Christian missionaries. But, Hindus raised the issue and exposed what has been happening under the educational garb for years. Hatred against Hindus has excavated this system to this extent that now conversion agenda has become a first priority of these institutions. It is apparently because schools are a safe haven for such illegal activities, and the fund they get for this, is shockingly huge which can even quell the outrage, feed the biased mouths of media, and buy all the rage of leaders. 

It is axiomatic that it is quite easy and effective way to affront Hindus by converting them with such agility, and exploit their dharmic minds. As Hindus don’t see and expect any kind of vile actions like conversions in schools which are considered sacred places because education is revered most in Hinduism. However, what happened to Lavanya for being connected this deep with her Dharma, refutes all definitions of secularism in India. And it is utterly a matter of pride for entire community that even a 17 years old girl understood what it means to be a Hindu, and what price Hindus have to pay for being proud of their dharma in a pseudo secular country where secularism is distinctly a snare made for Hindus.

What is really indigestible, is how pathetic our media and society has become. It is astounding to believe that  for them, Hindu lives don’t matter, their opinions are rebuffed, their screams under terror are muffled, their rights are labeled communal, and besides, their dharma is mocked by frivolous statements by inept, uncouth politicians and other people with a pretext of comedy and freedom of speech. How saddening!

 This liberal mentality which has thrived rapidly in few decades, is acutely detrimental for this country that secretly sojourned in the minds of youngsters, that says if you stand for any religion except Hinduism, you will be immensely admired and given a sobriquet ‘Liberal, and secular’ even if it takes spreading blatant lies, and if you even think of standing for a Hindu, and saying anything against the partiality they face anywhere, it will surely attract hatred and profanity. This is unbelievably dangerous. Lavanya who was allegedly coerced to clean loos and faced inhumane exploitation in school, abused, beaten and eventually she took a step of suicide, asserted the truth that democracy, laws and policies are apparently not for Hindus if other communities are involved. Since her death, police is still not considering her dying statement as an evidence to take any action against the nun who forced her and her family for conversion. 

Laws are seemingly paralyzed in this case. However, it’s worth appreciating how Hindus have outraged remarkably to raise this issue and exhibited their vehement rage against these forced conversions which are happening behind the curtains of education in schools. Furthermore, it is the need of this hour for Hindu community to eradicate this century old agenda of conversions, and impart the pride all Hindus must sense when they unapologetically follow their Dharma. It’s Hindu power that has amazingly made media to zip up their bigotry and talk about this crime against Hindus. If it wasn’t raised by Hindu nationalists, then surely this news would have died down as a trivial incident. However, things are surprisingly changing in Hindu community, as they are no longer meek and tolerant to let anything wrong happen with any Hindu. Besides, they instantly trample down secular lies deliberately spread by media, journalists, and politicians. They stand up united without looking at any political party to lift up their voices. Now they vociferate and fight unabashedly for every Hindu. This is clearly a threat to liberalism and phony secularism that cackles when a Hindu suffers, therefore, it is really a good sign which implies that Hindus can’t be hoodwinked by fabricated secularism anymore. 

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