Google’s new feature warns about suspicious files on Drive

(IANS) Tech giant Google has introduced a new security feature to Drive to help users stay on top of potentially malicious files.

Google Drive will now start displaying a warning banner when you are about to download and open a potentially dubious document, image, or any type of file, reports Android Central.

The new feature is rolling out across all Google Workspace, G Suite Basic and G Suite Business tiers.

The yellow banner shows up at the top of an attachment page after you click on a link. It should appear before a file is downloaded to your laptop, warning you that it looks suspicious and “might be used to steal your personal information”.

Users will recognise the security alert if they have been using Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and Drawings.

At Google’s Cloud Next 2021, the search giant announced new measures to help safeguard users from malicious files. These alerts were rolled out to those file syncing services late last year.

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