Free will or Freed Will: Why do some people suffer and others don’t?

Why Do Good People Suffer. Free Will or Freed WIll

Free Will is the power of acting without the rule of necessity or fate, the ability to act at one’s discretion. In other words, it means your actions are independent of fear. The word freed means release from confinement or slavery. It also means to remove something undesirable or restrictive from.

So, if there’s free will in the world, why do some people suffer?
Is freed will, which technically means coming out of your comfort zone or glass chamber, the only way to find success. Let’s discuss.

Life tests everyone every day. Some struggle with mathematics; others are suffering from constant stomach problems. Either way, we all have to ultimately deal with what we’ve been presented with. What we’re given is completely random. Location, genetics, and economic status — it’s like a random lottery.

Yet whatever situation and pain life throws at you, you have the free will to decide if you’re going to be a strong survivor or a victim. You have total control over whether life makes you sour or sweet. You can be born with bad Karma, but it depends on you what to do about it.

According to the Hindu school of thought, major suffering is self-caused (Karma in this life or past life, either intentionally or from ignorance), some caused by the evilness of others, some are natural (aging, disease, natural disasters). Your bad deeds attract bad Karma, and bad Karma brings pain and suffering. So, it is your free will that decides what you choose to think and do (your Karma), and it is free from any supernatural forces on evils.

Greed is the reason for suffering as well. Excessively craving material goods and pleasure leads to suffering. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have ambitions in life. Ambitions are needed, very much needed. But there is a difference between ambition and greed. Although ambition and greed both refer to the desire to gain or achieve things. There is a significant distinction between the two. Greed is the selfish and intense desire to achieve power, money, or status. Ambition is the determination and desire to achieve success.

There’s another question that arises. Why do some good people always get hurt when others don’t?

Instead of bullying others, good people, fortunately, break the unfortunate cyclical nature of sheer insensitivity. They give praises and words of motivation. They want others to feel genuinely confident and beautiful instead of hurt and ugly. They already understand what that’s like, and they wouldn’t even wish it on their enemies.

However, their humble love is not reciprocated, and it causes hurt and pain. The two questions again arise. Should good people continue spreading happiness around the world with no expectations, or should they put a full stop and break bad (Hi Walter White).

Be a survivor, don’t expect much in return but stand up for yourself. If someone is not reciprocating the kindness shared by you, it’s okay! Karma will find you your happiness elsewhere. Trust your good deeds.

Saṃsāra (Hindi: संसार) in Sanskrit means ‘world.’ It is also the concept of rebirth and “cyclicality of all life, matter, existence.” Neither good nor evil, neither suffering nor bliss are linked to gods or god but considered a part of the innate nature of living in the Saṃsāra cycle of rebirth. Your main goal must be to come out of this vicious cycle. You have the free will to do whatever you want on this planet. But your ‘freed will’ decide your destiny. Do good Karma, be good to people, be ambitious but not greedy, and your future will be at a higher dimension, free from Saṃsāra.

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