Fashion Nova Breezes Past 20 Million Instagram Followers

Few fashion brands have made a splash like Fashion Nova, the world’s foremost creator of body hugging, cutting-edge, affordable style. So it’s no wonder that the beloved brand just hit a major milestone: 20 million Instagram followers.

It’s been a highly successful journey so far, with a legion of fans following the brand by the day. When Fashion Nova champion Cardi B promoted – and modeled – dresses and outfits that showed off her famous curves, an avalanche of people became Instagram followers, just to see exactly what the style house was putting out next.

So, what makes Fashion Nova the social media brand of choice? Lots of things – and here are just a few:

Fashion Nova delivers what the audience wants

Promoting fashion on social media – let alone on the visuals-focused, extremely popular platform Instagram – is more than tricky. The internet is littered with failed fashion and lifestyle brands, and Instagram is an especially challenging outlet, thanks to extreme competition for eyes (and dollars).

For Fashion Nova, however, the social media team knows that high quality content will keep the audience coming back for more. And this means that the fashion house delivers plenty of visually stunning content by way of exclusive modeling shoots in exotic (as well as local) backgrounds and settings.

The fashion house posts frequently

If you’ve ever refreshed your browser waiting for fresh social media content, only to be disappointed when it never materializes, Fashion Nova is your new go-to spot. The fashion brand knows that style never stops, so the social team serves up smoking hot items every single day, often multiple times per day.

It’s no secret that the Fashion Nova audience tends to skew younger, so each new post popping up on their iPhones adds a colorful, new dimension to whatever’s happening in the now. Responsive posts tailor-made for cell phones can be thumbed through 24/7, on a lunch break, at the beach, or anywhere else the user is at the moment.

The brand team invests in professional, stunning modeling shoots

The Fashion Nova brand is all-in with exceptional photography, using the lens of the camera to perfectly capture the bright colors, sensual fabrics, and beautiful models wearing the label’s dresses, bodysuits, lingerie, and more. In photos, a diverse set of models with curves that defy physics stare lovingly at the camera, adding a more personal dimension to the brand’s social presence.

Despite the top-notch quality of Fashion Nova models, fans of the brand often feel a little bit of themselves in each image. This close connection between what’s found in the Fashion Nova Instagram account and style conscious consumers who gleefully take in whatever the brand puts forward cannot be understated.

Focused content is what Fashion Nova delivers best

Keeping your social media account organized is not always easy, and many Instagram influencers bleed audience members by the dozen when they lose focus with their posts. This is why many brands start strong, but see their audiences dwindle when they go from posting about something very specific to posting something vague, “out there” or unrelated to the company or products.

The Fashion Nova team knows – and understands – that keeping a tighter focus on style, fashion, and beauty will go a long way to endearing social media users to the brand. If Fashion Nova lost focus and began posting on topics outside the company’s wheelhouse, audience members would hastily head for the exits.

The fashion house hosts plenty of interactive contests

When social media users were surveyed recently, many said they lost interest in certain brands because they couldn’t connect with them. These non-interactive brands had nothing to offer social media users beyond a one-way stream of images, and the audience was hungry for a warmer, more organic experience.

The answer? Contests. From early on, Fashion Nova leadership understood that to truly capture the hearts of users, the brand had to go beyond serving up pretty pictures. So the team’s leadership started dreaming up contests that could build a happier, more engaged following.

One particular contest made big news. Cardi B was the face for one of Fashion Nova’s biggest contests, and in April 2020, the legendary rap princess gave away $1,000 per hour. If that wasn’t enough to please fans, Cardi B chose winners based on videos sent in, so fans felt a connection to her knowing that she was looking through their personal stories and acknowledging their struggles.

At the end of the day, Fashion Nova’s social media prowess led to a huge uptick in followers, and many fashion brands may find themselves struggling to keep up. In the meantime, fans can expect more juicy content from Fashion Nova, as they navigate and shop for styles on Instagram. 

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