End the first week of the New Year with Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Welcoming the New Year with a smile

Welcome 2022 with a new hope, a renewed enthusiasm and a genuine smile from within. The way we flip the pages of a book, flip the pages from the year gone by. Take lessons from events of the past.  Then just let go and free your mind of these. Move forward for life is evergreen. No storm or snow can wither away its leaves. Similarly, our spirit is eternal and moves forward, through personal or social grief, and emerges powerful.

Learn and unlearn from the past and make your resolutions for the New Year.

First, realise that our foremost priority is to check violence in the world, to free the world from domestic and societal violence.

Second, help those who are in need and bring solace to those who are suffering.

Third, pledge that you will stand up and take responsibility for your planet and protect the environment, the society, and the country.

Fourth, have the conviction that you can rise above any situation or circumstance.

Fifth, make a commitment to whatever you take up, and  have an integrity inside which says you will see your commitments through. For when you take on responsibility, Nature grants power to you.

Sixth, take some time to walk by yourself every day. Nurture yourself with music, prayer and silence. Do a few minutes of meditation, pranayama and yoga. This will heal and rejuvenate you and release you from the clutches of stress.

Finally, always remember you belong to the Divine and the Divine will take care of you. This is what spirituality is about – when you see the whole world as part of you, and you as part of the whole.

Let there be sunshine – both in our lives and in society. May your life be filled with peace, joy and happiness. Happy New Year

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