Dealing with Stupidity of Others: Yes, It is Possible with Tips Below

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In the 2010s, it is no longer cool to be stupid. Unlike a few generations ago, those who are bright mock those who aren’t. It’s open season on the “stupid” crowd. People who wouldn’t use the s-word to describe another group are perfectly happy to do so with nonsmart people. In fact, it has become a common and automatic response in disagreement.

It’s easy to dismiss someone who is stupid by reacting in a way that is ironic. While it’s natural to laugh, it makes you look foolish. Not to mention, you’ll be the only one laughing at him, which won’t help your cause. Rather, smile and pretend you’re not amused by the situation. It’s better to play it cool than to let them get the best of you.

If you’re trying to communicate with a stupid person, the first step is to understand what they’re saying. It’s easy to be angry about the idiot’s lack of understanding. The best thing to do is to try to make them understand that you’re not judging them. Hopefully, they’ll start seeing that you’re not the one doing the stumbling.

You can also learn to deal with the stupidity of others. Condescending people believe that you’re not smart enough. In some cases, they might even say that you’re stupid. Usually, though, they’re just trying to get ahead. So, the better you can do, the more you’ll get ahead. You can avoid this type of person by being nice. When dealing with them, you can help them see the positive side of their behavior.

Some people have a tendency to be ill-informed. As a result, they’ll be more likely to make a mistake that will make them look stupid. While they may seem to have the ability to make mistakes, they often don’t know how to do so. They’re unable to distinguish between what’s rational and what’s stupid. They don’t even have the skills to understand how to be an idiot.

Using a simple example, you’ve probably heard about the “stupid” phenomenon. Some of the people who are smart are likely to think that they’re stupid. However, you can use it to your advantage. It’s easy to be an idiot and not to be able to handle the stupidity of others. If they think you’re dumb, you should stop them.

Being a good person means that you’ll put up with people who are stupid. In the past, it was not cool to make fun of someone. It was insensitive to make fun of them because it is a sign of disrespect. You’re not allowed to make them feel bad about themselves, so you need to accept that they aren’t as stupid as you are. In a civil society, people should respect other members of society.

When a bully makes a snide comment, ignore them. You’ll be removing their sense of gratification and giving them no control. Most people try to ignore the other person but end up giving away that they’re annoyed. Continue the conversation and try not to react to the bully’s rude remarks. This way, the bully will think you’re ignoring them and leave them alone.

Never use the statement, “You need to think about it more.” It implies that the person’s judgment was poor, and that they’d made a snap decision. This implies a lack of competence and intelligence. The other person will feel more respected if they’ve received this message. In a similar situation, “you need to think about it more,” should be the most effective response.

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