Creative Ideas for Your Instagram Account- How to Overcome a Creative Block?

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Instagram is a wide space for you to make an audience for your brand from the comfort of your home. But nothing comes that easy, does it?

You need to hustle a lot to make your audience which in Instagram’s word, we call followers. Now, they are not signed up till eternity. You got to entertain them as well.  

That’s where your creative side has to step up. Also, it is just not possible for someone to have a creative outlook every other day.

But, that is the demand of the internet today. There is absolutely no stopping. So, it is too normal to face a creative block. The sad part is you can’t take your time to rejuvenate.

Not to worry, we have got you at least somewhat covered with content post ideas. Let us get started.

Best 9 Creative Ideas for Your Instagram Account

  1. Memes and Quotes

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There is no kidding about the fact that memes are a part of millennials and Gen-Z’s everyday life. Again, it is also true that people from these age groups use Instagram the most. So, why not entertain them their way?

The trick is to connect the meme to your brand or niche. If you can do that with the trendy ones, then that will be the icing on the cake. Just add a relevant CTA and you are good to go. Your followers will love your content automatically,

Coming to quotes, they see a great engagement rate as well. But, you must take care that you just don’t copy-paste it from somewhere and add your thoughts to it as well. 

  1. “How To?” Content

The “how to?” content, especially videos, has immense popularity. Folks most of the time log into the ‘gram or any other social media space to learn about something. If the niche your account is dedicated to can provide such mini tutorial videos, they gather great engagement. 

The key is to come up with ways you can make your work more accessible to others.

  1. Focus On Product’s Photos 

Never take visuals on Instagram for granted. When you enter an app, you always keep in the back of your mind what to expect. That is visuals for Instagram. 

So, it is mandatory to always bring proper product photos. The tone of the pictures also matters more than you think. So, always make sure your profile and your feed’s tone matches.

  1. Show Behind the Scenes

BTS is the new cool. Not that you are asked to reveal everything you are coming up with, but leaving hints has two advantages. One is you can increase curiosity among your followers about what is coming next. Another is you can keep your profile updated while you are busy with something big.

You can always add some funny scenes from your workplace, or add some parts of the project that are not selected for the final piece. Just remember, people are following you because they want to know about your work or you in person if it is a private account.

Sometimes, hints like these are acknowledged well.

  1. Buckle up With Your Caption Game

Your caption can change the entire game. It is of utmost necessity to understand the need of writing suitable captions. Don’t forget to add good background stories, if any, with the pictures. People love knowing about things they are interested in. It can make them feel connected with whatever you have to share.

Explain the importance of the image and if it holds any emotional value for you and your audience will be more and more fond of you.

You can also check out for Instagram caption tools

  1. Raise Questions

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Can’t stress this enough but raising questions is by far the easiest way to increase your engagement. This is because while you ask questions, you will easily have many comments under your post. Also, if the question is somewhat subjective, there is a high chance of a conversation-starting under your post. 

It will be likely for Instagram to find your content interesting and it may take you to the explore tab as well, where you will have more reach to find a greater audience.

  1. Organize Contests or Giveaways

This one can be somewhat tiring and also expensive. But, if you can afford it, then what is the harm in giving it a try? Organize contests on pertinent topics and put some prize, if possible prize money. It will engage a larger audience because there is no lack of a competitive attitude among folks.

Giveaways attract a lot of audiences. It can be anything, something that relates to your niche or something different as well, mainly for niches, which do not offer products.

You can do the usuals of asking them to follow your account and your following list, liking and sharing the said post, and commenting under it. You can categorize them into levels too. 

This is such a great way to increase the audience organically. 

Small businesses try this to increase their follower count.

  1. Show Your Workspace

This is a great way to associate your followers with your work. Not that, it has to be fancy. Even if you are a small business, you can just click a picture of the space you usually get your work done, or sometimes a picture of raw product, or the mess you have created, can also be shared.

That’s the thing about Instagram, there is no definition of “beautiful” here. You can be your raw self and still make it look beautiful.

  1. Appreciate Your Audience

Never forget that the work you do is for your audience. Make them realize that they are heard. You can dedicate a separate post for that too. Mentioning their reviews and how much you owe them for your support. This you can do on some special day for your page. 


Follow the ideas given above, and we ensure that you will never face a creative block again! Happy instagramming!

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