Aries Weekly Horoscope 2nd January – 9th January 2022

Love and Relationships

In the beginning of the week, you will pay more attention to professional matters, due to which your attention will be less in romance, but in a broader sense, there will be no problem in the relationship. Especially in the latter part of the week, you will be able to pay more attention to the beloved. You will have more closeness with special characters at work place. You will have some restlessness on the last day, so avoid meeting as much as possible. Be more precise in your choice of words while proposing.


Saturn’s influence may bring some health-related issues. Meditation and exercise may help you in fending them off. It is advisable to avoid overthinking and stress. A balanced personal and professional life devoid of any arguments may be the key to a healthy week. It is also advisable to avoid cold beverages as Rahu and Mercury Transit can bring throat-related issues.


Due to the presence of Rahu in your money house now, the possibility of some uncertainty regarding income cannot be ruled out. You are advised to arrange necessary funds in advance to meet your fixed expenses, so that your work does not get stuck anywhere. You will get money as a result of the hard work done so far, as well as there are chances of getting the money stuck in the past. Expenses are likely to remain heavy on the last day.


In the starting phase of this week, you will pay more attention to professional progress. Those who are involved in foreign, multinational company or in import-export work, the beginning will be very good for them. People who are in need of imagination or engaged in the work of decoration or fun items can get better opportunities for progress now. If you focus on breaks instead of work on the last day of this week, it will be more fun.

The Week’s Overview

New year, new week, new you. You are going to kickstart your year with an amazing career and personal life. This week will be quite lovey-dovey for you. The stars allow you to go on a fun vacation with your partner. Married couples will have a relaxing time and strengthen the bond with their better half. Singles will get a proposal and the love relationship will seek positive gifts in the latter part of the week. As long as you keep your ego aside and avoid getting in the argument plane there will be no birds in the way of your love flight.
Having a financial action plan is very important. You will have multiple sources of income this week but there will be a list of expenses too. Your elder siblings may guide and help you but don’t just rely on them as it can come with a delay. You will earn from your creativity and fashion-related work. Your father will guide you in the art and fashion path. There will be expenses on your travel and spiritual work also. Expenditures on your children regarding their education and shopping will also be there. As the weekend comes, there might be some financial challenges related to your father or government.
The new year will make you understand the value of hard work. You will learn the art of proper planning and plotting which will give you financial gain and success in a foreign land. The career angel will grab all the luck for you and you will get a new job if you’re in search of one. A friend’s guidance will bear you fruitful results and you will reap the fruit of your hard work too as Saturn is transiting this week.
Some hidden fears and demons are there but with your positive attitude, you will overcome them all. Jupiter transit will hand you success and many new opportunities. For your creative juices to flow you need time for self-study so don’t waste your time debating about group study sessions. Jupiter transit can give you a distance learning course.
Jupiter and Saturn transit will hamper you in the health department and overthinking will be your disease. You will need to pay extra attention and join any meditation class to get out of that zone. Do try to have a proper balance between personal and professional life to have peace of mind. Time with your family will calm your nerves. Also, avoid cold beverages, and transit of Mercury and Rahu can give you throat-related issues.

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