Aries Weekly Horoscope 16th January – 23rd January 2022

Love and Relationships

At the beginning of this week, your friend circle will be especially likely to include special characters. During the journey, you may get closer to a special person. The middle of the week is favorable for the people thinking about marriage to discuss with the family. In the last three days you can organize a meeting with Priyapatra. At this time you will have the highest feeling of love. Married life will also be overall happy, but take care in speech and behavior.


Talking about health, the possibility of any new disease is less, but if you are troubled by old and stubborn diseases, then it is advisable not to be a little careless in the treatment. In the middle of the week, there will be a possibility of spinal pain, sudden change in blood pressure. After the evening of the last day, there are chances of any stomach related problem, cold, cough etc. If there is a problem of teeth and gums and problem of shoulder muscles, then it is advisable to pay more attention in the treatment.


This week you will have to pass through some hurdles in earning. Nevertheless, the starting time will be slightly better for the natives willing to make any kind of investment. There is a possibility of getting new opportunities in borrowing works. In the last phase of the week, one can expect from the side of children. On the professional front, you may spend more on improving the quality of your service or product or adopting a new working style.


There will be enthusiasm and enthusiasm in the workplace of professionals and you are likely to go on a trip somewhere in connection with your office work. This journey will be fruitful for you. Employed people will be able to strengthen their position more. The people doing business need to make sure that whatever activities are going on at this time are going according to their plan and strategy. Be clear in work related communication.

The Week’s Overview

To strengthen any relationship, communication is very important. It’s no different for a love relationship actually, phone calls and messages are the thread. So communication and quality time is a must to keep the bond of that thread strong. It will also help you increase the emotional attachment with your spouse. With the transit of Venus and Mercury, your search for a love partner shall end.
The planet of romance will give you lovely memories. A surprise proposal from a friend can leave you – well surprised. Married couples should have a balance in your professional and personal lives, as there can be ego clashes which can in turn cause stress.
There can be sudden expenses related to property, government-related, health, business, family, loans, and EMIs. But this will benefit you in the long run. Avoid lending money to anyone during this week as it will not come back easily. Paperwork can be a task while applying for a loan but things will ease in the latter part of the week. Some of you might crack that interview and get the job.
Your art and creative work will prove to be successful. Interior designers or people in similar professions will get stability in their work because of the Venus transit. Your business partner will also help you. For your business, take foreign routes. Mars transit will make you shine in your workplace, you will have a good relationship with your seniors and even get a promotion. But at the same time, Venus and Sun transit can give you challenges with your female boss or colleague.
The baby steps will get you to the destination you want to reach. You will score well in your competitive exams and get egoistic because of that but your ego will just eat your success and can give you a sudden setback. Jupiter transit will be your tutor so be regular with your study and practice. Success in research-related work is also predicted by the stars. Fashion, art, creativity will give success in school education. Celebrations at school make you happy and nostalgic.
This week you need to pay special attention to your mental health and diet. Start morning yoga, evening walks, avoid skipping meals, and stressing over unnecessary things. Children and old people may suffer from digestion problems so take care of that too. Connect with nature – it will give you peace of mind. Spending some quality time with your family will also help you with your health.

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