Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 9th January – 16th January 2022


Love and Relationships

If you take the initiative, you will share some delightful time with your partner during this week. Watching a movie together may not just bring togetherness but also open the gates for further contentment. Learning a musical instrument could help you with a way to entice someone and convey your emotions. Singles may find a chance to get mingled during some family functions or office events.


Be watchful about past health issues and take proper treatment to recover fast. Injuries are indicated, so be vigilant of vehicles and electrical appliances. Keep a check on your diet. Don’t eat too much junk if you are planning to lose weight. Better go for natural food products and avoid weight gain tablets if you are looking to gain weight.


Your financial forecast for the week sounds good. Your bank balance will see an upsurge. There are possibilities that you may add an extra source of income. If you are thinking of making new investments, it’s the perfect time to get going. Your investments will yield good returns. However, advice is to invest only where you see the guarantee of returns. Analyse thoroughly before investing.


The stars may not shine too bright in your business and profession. Learn to relax and feel happy in adverse situations, too, as there are always ups and downs. Adjust and manage your time effectively at the workplace. Prepare a work schedule and follow it thoroughly. Time management can only save your week. Your parents may be tense as you might not be making the expected advancement.

The Week’s Overview

What a perfect week for all of you ladies. You are going to indulge in self-care by doing meditation and self-love to revamp your mind and body, which needs it now. Your wish to become a mother may be granted this week, which makes a doctor’s appointment mandatory to confirm the arrival of the little one. Your ability to assist those in need could get you wide popularity among people. And that might be your classy comeback against those who have always neglected your genuine effort. If you hesitate in using your analytical side, then you may fall into a pothole with unfinished work in hand.
You may be calm when approaching your lover. Your stars suggest that you may be spending quality time with your lover, which makes you joyful. If you make a move, then you are for sure going to have a great time with your beloved. It is suggestive to you to learn a musical instrument because it is a great way to express your feelings. And also a fantastic way to reintroduce yourself to someone. Singles may meet someone quite appealing at a family gathering or an office event. Initiate a move if you believe it can go beyond friendship.
Financing looks good this week. You might be able to earn lots of money and see the growth in your account balance. According to weekly forecasts, you may plan to make new investments, and that might provide rewards you did not expect. It is recommended to take a calculated risk to ensure the desired results. If you don’t have that clarity, don’t make any prior financial commitments. There might be various options for you to enhance your income. Around the weekend, there may be some surprise monetary returns.
Your work-life might not be all happy – happy, but that phase won’t last long, so just relax and take a pause. You may become time-efficient this week. You might not be able to accomplish the desired goal this week. Your parents might be stressing over your work life. Thus you should create a timetable and stick to it. Essentially, you want to fit in and make the most of your professional life. Students should begin devoting more time to their education.
When learning is enjoyable, you reach new levels. Still, stay focused on it. The theme says that focus on different kinds of learning. One of the key activities would be to be in the proper orientation. These are some of the accomplishments that are only achievable if you work hard this week to increase your learning. If you are a tutor, this is the week you might be able to make the most of your accomplishments.
Some old health issues may reoccur, but with proper treatment, you may recover quickly. According to weekly forecasts, practising meditation can provide healing advantages. Be cautious when walking on highways and near electrical appliances. This week is highlighted by injuries. Make sure you don’t cheat on your diet if you want to lose some weight. If you’re attempting to gain weight, avoid consuming mass-gaining supplements and instead opt for high-calorie natural foods.

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