Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 2nd January – 9th January 2022


Love and Relationships

This week, your heart can be filled with love and passion, says your stars. Times will be gratifying, and the fragrance of love will be all around. Are you waiting to propose to someone? Well, go and tell this person everything that’s in your mind. Start feeling the emotional bond. If your wedding time is nearing, it will be good to assess the arrangements right now.


Even if you feel fine, your weekly health stars advise you to visit a doctor and get a routine check-up done. The body needs regular upkeep. This can also help to avoid future health-related issues, if any. Avoid driving post evenings. Pregnant women should be very watchful for their health and be regular in check-ups, medications, and all other activities.


Your fiscal life is going to be stable and better. Your weekly financial horoscope indicates that this week you are going to do some charity work. You could use your resources to help the oppressed. This act may not only give you mental satisfaction but may connect you with someone from whom you would benefit in your career. This is a good time for investments.


Fortune favours the brave, and that is going to happen with you. Your ability to outsmart the difficulties in all the endeavours you undertake could win you glories this week. Your communication skills at work will be above par. Just trust yourself while interacting with superiors, and you will be outstanding. This weekly horoscope says that your intelligence and smart work will lead the way for you.

The Week’s Overview

You may be excited and cheerful. Not just that, but you might also rise above the tension and strain of everyday living by engaging in reflection and exercising your thoughts on topics that are not ordinary. However, it is recommended to keep your emotions in check when dealing with people. Your feminine character, concealed beneath your manly shell, could attract new acquaintances since your caring and kind touch may give them the impression that you are highly supportive.
According to your weekly love forecast, you take nothing and no one for granted, which may probably be the reason for your flourishing love life. You might feel delighted, and waves of affection might be head over heels. The feeling of having lovable people around whom you can count on makes you sentimental. Meanwhile, there is one special person to whom you have a lot to say. So, why and what are they still waiting for? Just let them know how much you adore them. And if you are planning a wedding, it is best to start planning now rather than wait until the last minute, says your weekly horoscope.
Your stars say this might bring a period of great stability in your financial life. You intend to help others financially. Having said that, you must be participating in some charitable activities or volunteering in a position of sound financial standing and social privilege and thus helping others. And you could see that this kind gesture would pay you back in many ways. It gives you a feeling of inner satisfaction, and you might even establish contact through your work that could help you advance in your profession! If you intend to make investments, you may be extremely fortunate with the decisions you make at this time.
You might strive to advance in everything, which results in the ups and downs of fortune in stride, especially if you are a businessman. Your weekly horoscope predicts that you may demonstrate your strong communication abilities at the workplace. However, to be perceived as an outstanding performance, you must be confident when engaging with your seniors. This could allow you to overcome difficult situations and effortlessly achieve your goals.
Natives who have been working hard to enhance their educational scores might do well this week. However, it is suggested that you stay aware of your preparations and attentiveness to see if there is a gap between your learning and hard work. This week might be testing your patience. However, this is also an excellent week to pursue your interests, particularly those related to occult science. All you need is to hang in there while thriving to score high in the future.
It is time for your routine health care as you might be delaying it for a long time. Even though you are well, it’s always good to follow your health care routine. Whatever efforts you make on this front are likely to be very beneficial in preventing problems shortly. Pregnant women should schedule regular check-ups and medications. Take extreme caution in all of your actions this week. Avoid late-night drives. Aim to stay healthy and happy.

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