Dr. Angela Brownemiller

Dr. Angela Brownemiller, also known as Dr. Angela® of the Ask Dr. Angela® Possibilities Mind-Body-Spirit-Soul Programs, speaks to people’s hearts, minds, and souls.

As seen on Oprah, Talk of the Nation, Family Circle Magazine, U.S. News and World Report, and hundreds of other media, author, speaker, therapist, researcher, Dr. Angela Brownemiller is an inspiration for many. She addresses how life can be shaky sometimes and how we have to find our way, even be determined to find our way. The key is never to give up.

Dr. Angela tells us, “I know many of you have been through so much that it is all you can do to hold yourself and your lives together. Hang on. Fasten your seat belts. Know where the oxygen masks are kept. These are the times that shake things up. Old ways of dealing with life may or may not work. Minor or even significant revisions in our personal emotional, behavioral, and social patterns require changes. Maybe considerable changes are what are needed for us to make it. … Mostly, however, getting through the next minute or hour or day or week is already a challenge. Many of you say, ‘Can you help me deal with the stress and confusion of making it through this time, right now?’ And yes, we can help ourselves find our way. So, let’s talk about this.”

Dr. Angela® has been seen distributing free copies of her twenty newest books while conducting on-the-spot healthy and inspiring conversations with people sitting at gathering places such as coffee shops. In addition, she distributes books from her FACES OF ADDICTION collection, such as the book, SEEING THE HIDDEN FACE OF ADDICTION. On that note, Dr. Angela has also been observed distributing books from her inspirational poetry collection such as, Through Crystalline Prisms and, In Silent Rush, and from her science fiction love story series, THE BLOODWIN CODE.

One of the attendees at a coffee shop conversation talked about how humbly Dr. Angela® welcomed people and distributed copies. First, he said, “I saw copies of her new science fiction love story going out, the five-episode book series, THE BLOODWIN CODE. And then, as if there could still be more from this amazing author, speaker, clinician, and guide, what most intrigued me were the copies of her new KEYS TO CONSCIOUSNESS AND SURVIVAL SERIES. This series includes books such as NAVIGATING LIFE’S STUFF, and also SEEING BEYOND OUR LINE OF SIGHT, and also HOW TO DIE AND SURVIVE: CONCEPTS FOR LIVING AND DYING, and also OVERRIDING THE EXTINCTION SCENARIO.”

According to the coffee shop conversation attendee, Dr. Angela Brownemiller was known for her work and wasn’t ordinary, “wasn’t like the others out there.” He expressed how her career and gestures proved that she is one of a kind. He later stated,

“I was able to stop Dr. Angela Brownemiller and ask a few questions before she moved on to the next place she would make incidental contact with people. I asked her to explain to me what was motivating her. She explained to me that her long career in several fields was converging now, as she explained it, ‘All roads are leading me to this place where I have to share the links, the connections, the important understandings coming to me.’ I asked Dr. Angela if she was a channel or something, to which she replied, ‘We are all channeling knowledge from deep without ourselves, from deep inside where our survival instincts are buried. So I am here saying, we can find the answers we need if we can be allowed to look for these, to go as deep within as needed.’ ”

This man went on to add that, “I could see right away that this person, Dr. Angela® was no joke. So I went and researched her background. She has been prominent in several different fields, ranging from mental health, spirituality, creativity, recovery, trauma, drug addiction, nondrug addiction, relationships, abuse, violence, and areas such as the mind: how we think, what we believe, what our higher self is, what our spirit might be, what inspires us, what scares us, what leads us to higher understandings. Dr. Angela Brownemiller, also writing under the last name Browne-Miller, has written over seventy books. She earned two PhDs at UC Berkeley and served as a National Institute of Mental Health Fellow. But these degrees and her awards barely capture who she is.”

He wanted to say more about his experience with Dr. Angela Brownemiller: “I asked Dr. Angela® who she was. She loved that question and said, ‘Well, this is the ‘who am I’ question that we all need to ask these days. I’ve worked with people of all ages who are wondering this about themselves–young people trying to form an identity, adults facing social or spiritual crises, older persons trying to make sense out of their life paths, dying persons wanting to be who they are as they move on, to be in touch with their spirits and souls.’

“I asked Dr. Angela Brownemiller if she was a messenger. She laughed and again shared the stage with all of us. ‘We are all the messenger here. We are all hearing the call to do what it takes to survive. We are all stepping up in our own ways to make sure we and our species can live on, get through the next hour, the next issue, the next day or week, or month or year. These books and programs are helping people get in touch with what they need to hang on to. We can all learn more about staying balanced and ready to deal with good stuff, as well as confusion, stress, distress, addiction, and other challenges appearing now.’ ”

Indeed, Dr. Angela Brownemiller is someone who understands what and how life is and what we can do in our hearts and minds to help ourselves in these times. Dr. Angela® is an inspiration for all of us.

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