9 Important Tips in Taking Puppy Pictures

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Photo by Skylar Kang on Pexels.com

Your dogs are not going to stay young forever. So while they are at the prime of their lives, take the best puppy pictures to always remember them by. Here are some tips to consider before starting your picture taking activity.

1.) Get a Good Digital Camera

A good digital camera does not necessarily have to be the expensive ones. You should choose a camera which has the most important features like the zoom and night mode. You can also buy a camera with a higher megapixel for clearer shots. With a good digital camera, you can be guaranteed with high quality puppy pictures.

2.) Lighting

Lighting is a very important factor in taking photos. A dark dog can look darker without proper lighting. So to make sure that you get the perfect shots, use soft lighting when taking photos. Keep the light behind the puppy to come up with this kind of shot. If you have the necessary tools and equipment, you can try using the light boxes to come up with soft light.

3.) Rest Your Puppies

Before going “click-happy”, be sure that your dogs are well rested. A puppy can be very hyper especially when he has not slept yet. So before the picture taking activity, it would be necessary to have your dogs rest first.

4.) Get Your Dog’s Attention

Puppies do not usually have patience for such activity. They participate during the first few shots and get giddy a minute after. Because you already know this, you should prepare some noise makers to gain their attention during the picture taking activity.

5.) Use Different Positions

You can lie down or sit on the floor to take the nicest puppy photos. The zoom lens should be kept at the puppy’s level to come up with better photos.

6.) Keep Snapping

Since you are using a digital camera, you can click as many times as you can. When you keep snapping, you can always come up with candid pictures that are worth taking.

7.) Use Your Imagination

There are several computer programs that can help fix imperfect shots. You can use some of these programs to erase imperfections or to enhance a picture.

8.) Ask for Help

Taking puppy photos can sometimes be a hard task. You can always ask help from the people around you to control the puppies.

9.) Get Real Close

Up close shots capture the soft side of your puppies. A better display of emotion can also be shown in this kind of shot. You can always take puppy pictures like this whenever your dogs are sleeping or resting.

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