5 Practical Steps to Win Back the Love of Your Life

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If you’re at the point in life where you’re looking back, reminiscing over all that ‘could have been, should have been, and might have been’ and so on then continue reading.

More often than not, people tend to lose the ones that matter the most only to realize that the one they had let go was that ONE person, that special one who puts butterflies in your stomach and make your knees go weak. Well, you could win back lost love.

First of all, think about the fact that the other person may have moved on. As the saying goes, time heals. So don’t assume that you could demand a fix in a lost love as your ex could have already moved on and settled down with another person.

So look into the details and figure out where you stand in your ex’s life, if you think you’ve got a chance, well then, make a move. However, it would be wrong to intrude if he has already got someone. So give time a chance with yourself too.

Next, try to understand that people change. Yes, as surprising as it may seem the man you fell in love with a couple of years back may no longer be the same person now. And I do not mean physically, I mean mentally and emotionally.

So a love lost could sometimes be a good thing because the person he may be now, might not be your cup of tea.

Furthermore, move forward, not backwards. If you have won your lost love and can make things work, start fresh and on a new slate.

Don’t look back at all the flaws and holes in your relationship. Instead, look forward to making new memories and starting over; it could be love all over again.

However, if you really, really, really want to win back lost love.

If you want to get lost love back from a long time ago, you have to realize that you are facing an uphill battle. After the years have gone by, you may have realized that you should not have let go of someone that you previously loved. Maybe the timing was not right at the time, or you simply wanted to move on to greener pastures. Whatever the case, you now realize that the love you once shared with your ex was special and you want to get lost love back. If you are going to pursue your love from long ago, here are some things that you should consider.

  • Make sure that you are not missing out on what is happening in your life right now. You missed out on a good thing in the past because you were not ready to seize the opportunity. Are you making the same mistake again thinking the grass is greener on the other side? If you hate to look back on your life and say “I should have done that”, then try to prevent it from happening again. It is much easier to foster the love you may have now, than to try to get lost love back later because you overlooked the good thing that was right in front of you.
  • You also need to realize that they have probably moved on. Just because you are feeling nostalgic and thinking about them, does not mean that they feel the same. You could open up some old wounds that took years to heal. If they are happy and satisfied with their lives, leave them alone.  If they have moved on without you, it will be highly unlikely that you will be able to get lost love back.
  • Understand that people change over time. External events have happened in both of your lives that change you for better or worse. Do not make the mistake of trying to relive what once was. If you are going to try to get lost love back, you must believe in your heart that you both will be better off together. This is no time to be selfish and toy with their emotions. If you are going to contact them, be sure of your intentions, and not that you are just feeling sorry for yourself or depressed.
  • If you want to be successful and get your lost love back, you must take things slowly. If you appear out of nowhere and then contact them constantly, you will look either desperate or psycho. Do not tell them that you want to get back together right away. Take some time to get to know them again. Become friends. If love blooms again, then great. If not, at least you have a new friend that you trust.
  • Last but not least, you need think about your relationship going forward. You cannot relive what happened years ago, but you can create a new future. The past is the past. Forget about it and treat the relationship as if it were new; because in effect, it is. If you are able to get your lost love back, take advantage of this opportunity and make the most of it.

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