4 Must have Pooja Items for Your Home Mandir

The pooja room or home mandir is one of the places in your house where you can find true peace and serenity. Your home mandir is a great place for reflection and devotion in a peaceful environment. As an integral part of your household, the decoration and planning for your home mandir needs to be special to help you achieve a true connection with your spirituality. A well decorated and adequately stacked home mandir can be very relaxing and help you channel a lot of your thoughts and feelings in the presence of the divinity through self-reflection.

Whether you are starting a new life at a new house or just need a temporary small mandir at your rented location. You will need certain essential pooja items to get started. Here are the four essential pooja items that you will need to get started with your home mandir.

Here are 4 Must-Have Pooja Items for Your Home Mandir

Beautiful Diyas will Brighten Up Your Spiritual Sanctuary

Diyas are one of the essential pooja items for your home mandir. The illumination that comes from a diya is believed to symbolise enlightenment, wealth, knowledge, and wisdom. Diyas are available in various shapes and sizes, from clay lamps to ornate diyas. You can choose a few based on your liking and budget. The best idea is to have some options when it comes to diyas for your home mandir.

You can place the diyas in a shape or order as you like to create a very beautiful lighting for your home mandir. You can use your creativity in this place and decorate the place as you wish. A mandir is a very personal place, and you can make it more personalised by decorating the place with multiple diyas beautifully arranged in a formation.

Add the Soothing Sound of a Temple Bell to Your Home Mandir

A temple bell will transform your home mandir, giving it a more auspicious and religious look. A bell adds a lot of positivity to the mandir and brings happiness as it is a source of joy and positive feelings for people of all ages. Apart from the aesthetic beauty, the ringing of the temple bell is auspicious as well, as it dispels negative energy and attracts positivity, aiding in the purification of the space. Temple bells are essential pooja items, and you can find them in various shapes, sizes and made out of different materials. You must get the one that fits your room properly.

Establishing the Deity at Your Home Mandir

Deity worshipping is a big part of Hinduism, and it is also an essential part of your home mandir. The mandir is dedicated to the deities, and all the pooja items are dedicated and offered to the deities so, you should establish the deities as one of the first steps of setting up your home mandir. People go for different deities as per their devotion, but in general, regardless of other choices, you should also worship Maa Lakshmi and Shri Ganesh for happiness and wealth in your family and your professional life. You should establish Lord Shiva in your mandir for wisdom, knowledge, and serenity.

Placing The Holy Texts

Holy texts are essential pooja items not only because they are worshipped, but they are also an immense source of knowledge and can guide people to a path of righteousness, peace, and prosperity. Studying these texts regularly can help you find more peace and balance in your life. You can also learn a lot of virtue and morals from these texts. 

The Bhagawad Geeta is the most important holy text you should have. Apart from that, you can also have the Ramayan and the Puranas. These texts will enlighten you, and having them at your home mandir will make it a more sacred place.

Final Thoughts

Pooja is a very personal experience that differs from person to person. The pooja items mentioned in this article are essential and add a lot of positive energy to your home mandir. You can customise beyond the items mentioned in this article as per your need, but these pooja items are the bare necessities that will help you get started with your home mandir. You can easily buy these pooja items from reputed online retail stores like Snapdeal. 

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