Zoom adding automatic updates for all Windows, Mac users


(IANS) To expand offerings previously available only to enterprise users, video conferencing app Zoom has rolled out automatic updates with the latest features and security fixes to all users.

Automatic software updates are now available for the desktop Zoom client on Windows and macOS, but it is not available for Linux yet. Mobile devices can be automatically updated through app stores, ZDNet reported.

Zoom said automatic updates will be on by default for most consumer users. However, users can configure the frequency of updates in Settings, under General where there’s now a checkbox for ‘Automatically keep my Zoom up to date’.

“When critical security updates are involved, updates will go to everyone,” said Jeromie Clark, a Zoom technical product manager for security and privacy in a blogpost.

The ‘Slow’ option is the default and means less frequent updates with a focus on stability. The ‘Fast’ option delivers the latest features and updates as soon as they are available.

For the enterprise, where Zoom might be installed on Windows via MSI packages or macOS PKG files, the automatic update setting for end-users is disabled.

The option is available by default for clients in enterprises that deploy EXE of DMG packages. However, admins can disable the option.

Zoom offers monthly feature updates and releases security updates as needed.

“This update improves the existing experience and expands the intended audience to include all individual desktop client users who are not members of an enterprise organization,” said Clark.

“Automatic updates help our users easily receive important security fixes and helpful features, improving their overall experience with the Zoom platform,” Clark added.

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