What are Proxy Servers? How Can We Detect Them?


Proxy servers are used by Internet users to surf the web anonymously. There are different types of proxy servers available for web users. Some proxies are available for free; and for some, you have to pay the provider.

Internet hackers are using Proxies to hack your system as the system they use can’t be identified. Proxy servers have made the path for hackers easy as they can steal your data and do all the illegal activities without any worries.

Did you know you can detect proxy servers? If you want to know how you can detect proxies and routers used by hackers, then this guide will help you.

What is a Proxy Server?

A proxy server acts as a gateway between the Internet and the Internet users. While surfing the web, a user sends data to the web and the web responds to the query entered by the user. Now, when a user starts using a proxy server, it creates a new internet connection between the user and the web. This helps the system from getting hacked by hackers.

The main use of a Proxy Server is to keep your system’s identity and location is hidden. However, Internet hackers are following the same technique to keep their identity hidden. They can steal data and hack your system easily as no one can identify them or locate their current location.

To Prevent web hackers from doing such activities, there’s a web service called IP2Proxy. IP2Proxy is a proxy detection web service that identifies whether the website is based on the Proxy server or not. Let’s find out how this tool works for you and how it can protect your system.

How Can We Detect Proxy Servers?

Usually, proxy servers are good for the security of your system. However, it is essential for you to keep an eye on the other side as well. If someone is trying to fool you on the web, you need to identify their identity so that you can file a lawsuit or can locate that particular system.

Identifying proxies is a difficult task as many providers offer proxies that can’t be detected. However, the IP2Proxy service can detect all types of proxy servers, VPNs, TOR exit nodes, residential proxies, transparent proxies, and all the other proxies used by hackers.

IP2Proxy works smoothly to detect proxies. You can filter out the proxies and use this service and keep them away from your system. This way you can protect your system.

Why IP2Proxy is Useful?

The main function of this platform is to help you identify proxies, VPNs, and other services used by hackers to steal your computer’s data. Unlike other Proxy Detection Tools, this platform comes as a web service.

It works faster and detects all types of proxies in no time. You can block them or can prepare a list of such proxies for safe web surfing. Let’s find out why the IP2Proxy platform is useful for you.

Web-based Service

Unlike other tools, this tool doesn’t require a specific setup or installation process. You need not download the setup file or follow the installation process. Just subscribe to the service and start using it right from the web browser.

Supports Multiple Queries

The service supports over 11 different types of package queries. The latest algorithm of IP2Proxy identifies the queries and their responses. This way, you can safeguard your system from Internet hackers.

HTTP and HTTPS queries

The service supports both types of queries i.e. HTTP and HTTPS. It can handle queries up to 10,000 times within a year.

Multiple Plans

Depending on your requirements, you can choose a suitable plan from their website. There are three different types of plans available for you to avail of their services. Let’s talk about their pricing plans!

IP2Proxy Pricing:

  • WSP

This is the basic plan ideal for common users. It offers 10,000 query credits for up to 1 year. The plan costs $50.

  • WSP10X

This plan is good for small enterprises with up to 50 employees. This plan will give you query credits of 100,000 for $450 for one year.

  • WSP50X

This plan is suitable for big enterprises as it gives them query credits of 500,000 for $2,000 for one year.

Take Away!

Detecting proxies is not easy and for that reason, you should rely on third-party proxy detection tools. IP2Proxy is the best web-based tool available for you to identify all types of proxies to protect your system. Try out the service by signing up for a free trial key. Once you are satisfied with their service, you can choose a suitable plan from the above list!

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