Virgo Weekly Horoscope 5th December – 11th December 2021


Love and Relationships

At the beginning of this week, your interactions with your beloved may become somewhat difficult due to some misunderstandings. At times you may become stubborn or dominating and may be determined to persuade others to agree with you. But, make sure your actions are not more forceful than you intended, otherwise you may face strong resistance. However, your relationship may begin to witness positivity during the latter part of the week. The period around the end of the week may also provide opportunities to resolve some pending issues and develop a better understanding.


This week may help you to make quick and well-calculated decisions regarding your important matters related to your future educational prospects. However, some strong distractions may lure you, derailing you from your ambitions in the beginning. Stay true to your aims. Gradually, the latter half of this week may lead you in the right direction and help you to improve your performance. Your abilities and talents may come handy and you may eventually get the results that you truly deserve. So, the week may end on a positive note.


As the week begins, planetary influences may help you improve your stamina and fitness. Your productivity may increase gradually as the period rolls on. Due to hectic work schedules and other commitments, you may be unable to spare enough time for your health hence your fitness level may drop to an extent. But, the good part is that you are likely to be more aware of your health during the latter part of this week. You may be motivated to improve your fitness level as well. This may help you to regain your vitality as the week nears its end.


This week may lead you to financial growth. The chances of profits and rewards may be high. Hence, you may expect to strengthen your financial status this week. Positive planetary influence may also help you to resolve some pending issues regarding your property or inheritance. Additionally, you may be able to make good decisions, and your actions in the right direction may lead you to make good investments for long term financial growth. However, there may be some unexpected expenses around the end of this week which may disturb your financial planning to an extent. But, you may have enough planetary support to meet such expenses.


There may be scopes for growth in your profession this week. However, there may be some obstacles and bottlenecks as well. Hence you may have smooth sailing. You are advised to keep cool and analyze the situations perfectly to take proper actions. Businesspersons may need to review their plans during this phase. There may be favorable planetary support during the latter part of this week to enhance business and accomplish the desired results. There may be some stiff resistance and delays but, during the ending part of this week, you may see positive development in the majority of the issues.

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