Sarah Button and the Story of Reclaiming her Tik Tok Identity

photoshoot at the , Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, Friday, July 09, 2021. (Photo by MoshiTanuki)

Have you ever violated a social media guideline? For adult content creator Sarah Button, community guideline violations ending in deleted accounts have become a common and well-known hurdle within her line of work. Until, recently on Tik Tok, not one, but EVERY single account she had was deleted at once resulting in the loss of 700k followers. However, being locked from the app on every device and losing all access to retrieve her data did not stop this 23-year-old Australian from reclaiming the spotlight and interacting with her loyal online following.

Sarah Button’s Tik Tok Identity

Sarah Button can be found on multiple platforms, but on Tik Tok specifically, she posts fully clothed videos that talk about her personal life. “I’ve always had a really sexual-based sense of humour,” says Sarah. This humour has allowed her to create a niche following through her use of taboo topics and sexual innuendos. In doing so, Sarah has brought light to the realities of sex on platforms like Tik Tok that normally place social restrictions on that kind of content. “I have so many followers message me to thank me for giving them the confidence to talk with their partner about their desires,” says Sarah, “to thank me for encouraging them to explore themselves individually.” Having social media accounts on Tik Tok had been one sure way to connect with fans and promote and maintain her multi-platform presence and career as an adult content creator. 

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Tik Tok Deletes all Accounts

Everything had been running smoothly for Sarah’s businesses until Tik Tok deleted all her accounts. Sarah has received many warnings in the past stating, “the majority of my guideline violations come from ‘minor safety’, I think because my face looks so young and my sense of humour is definitely catered to adults,” however she had never lost this many accounts at once. Not only did she disconnect from 700k fans, but she also lost the ability to access the Tik Tok app altogether on all of her devices. “Those kinds of losses can be enough to make someone leave the industry for good,” says Sarah. In spite of losing all accounts and access to Tik Tok, Sarah was able to make her way back onto the platform. 

AusSarah1 photoshoot at the , Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, Saturday, November 27, 2021. (Photo by MoshiTanuki)

Sarah Returns to Tik Tok

On the same day, her accounts were lost on Tik Tok, Sarah decided to purchase all new devices and make new accounts. Thanks to her unique personality and humour, Sarah was able to regain nearly her whole following almost immediately. Though she was able to make a comeback, “I still have not received a response from Tik Tok in relation to restoration, data download or appeal options for any of the accounts that were taken,” says Sarah. 


Nevertheless, the neverending possibility of losing her accounts has not prevented her from remaking social media accounts to promote herself in pursuing her career in adult content creation. “I thought I had to be reliant on an app to be funny, productive and creative,” says Sarah, “turns out I just needed to reevaluate where I was putting my energy.”

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