Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 5th December – 11th December 2021

Love and Relationships

Do not put your travels on hold any longer. The two of you, especially newly married, may need a break badly. It may prove positive in creating an acquaintance who may share in your ideas and views and you have an enthusiastic and exuberant appeal. You may seek the help of these acquaintances to complete the travel without much burden. This may be a memorable week for you two. Some issues are foreseen especially due to personality clash. Make sure you are careful of this, as the two of you may be hell-bent in your attitude. Again, now, is the time to utilize any long-distance connections you may have.


If you are appearing for a graduation exam this week, then make sure you are very much clear about your preparations. The exam may be tough to deal with and you may not be able to manage the pressure easily. This may put you in a difficult state. However, students who are likely to work hard may do well. They may also be good at scoring excellent grades. Students who are looking for foreign university admission, are likely to find one. However, if seeking scholarships along with this, then you may not get a positive response. You may have to arrange your funds for pursuing higher studies.


Health is likely to be below average initially for some of you. There may be problems of tiredness and fatigue which may put you in a difficult situation. Try to be careful as you can aggravate your health problems more than you can manage. Good sleep is a must this week. Some of you may be susceptible to non-vegetarian food. This may not be a good development. You may have to get into vegetable protein which is healthier and genuine. Try this alternative to the option of non-vegetarian food. You may be happy with the way life may take shape now.


Some of you were keen to invest money in real estate in the recent past. This made you work hard and even consider some of the projects more seriously. This week may be ideal for you to invest in the initial terms and then seek the ownership in your name. You may be happy with the progress and consider paying the token money after considering some good day to invest in your money. Seeking credit may be good, however, you may have to wait for pursuing your interest in learning some investment tips. If stocks interest then you are advised to consider one.


Career and business-wise, the week may prove to be progressive. You may receive some tempting offers that may make you think very seriously before making any decisions. Be careful of only advice, do not invest in any unknown venture without much understanding. You may be in trouble if not sure of your activities. Carefully check every deal and talk to people whom you trust. In your finances, your need to remain independent may pressure you into making risky decisions. Some new international offer is likely to come up. You may not be happy with the offering, especially commercial terms. Negotiate the best possible term that you can make money.

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