Pisces Weekly Horoscope 5th December – 11th December 2021


Love and Relationships

Your love life needs rejuvenation with having a conversation and spending quality time with your partner. You are advised not to implement the practical approach in your love life. Singles may get a marriage proposal this week. You may ask a proposal whom you like to express your feeling to be in a committed relationship. Marital life is likely to be average. You may be able to spend time with your spouse. A short trip with your spouse may give a chance to spend quality time together. There are chances of some ego clashes or different thoughts that may give disagreement in a relationship. Don’t be aggressive with your partner and try to give some space to each other.


You may get the desired help and guidance from your father. You may ask him to help and to give guidance in your study. The students may get success in their higher study and the new language-related subject. There may be short distance traveling related to study this week. Medical-related subjects and exams may give success to you. Group study is likely to help a lot this week. Try to have a routine health check-up because of bad health and stress your study may get affected. Foreign related study or the student of fashion or art may get success.


Try to eat light and healthy food and follow your daily routine with light exercise and meditation. Don’t do heavy exercise this may give strain in nerves and pain. Joining any exercise course may be good for your health. Hand and nerves related health issues may be faced by you. Be careful while handling electronic gadgets and try to have meditation before going to sleep. This may give a good sleep and improve your health too. Workaholic attitude may bring some health challenges so you are advised to have a proper balance between personal and professional life.


Overall this week is likely to give good savings. Transit of planets predicting that you may get good financial gain this week. Savings may also increase. You may also learn various options to save money with the help of your friends. A practical approach and expert suggestion may give financial gain from investment and share market. Your brother may ask for financial help. There may be unplanned expenditure on electronics-related and changes in the interior of the home. You may get some expenditure to enroll in some courses and also on the education of your children.


You may get increment and success in the project you were in. Your hard work and determination are likely to be rewarded with some important transits of planets this week. Engineering related work or job may give success. Your senior may be in your favor. You may ask for a favor from seniors for the new project or work that you got. This week is likely to have a busy work schedule and chances of promotion and increment are high. Try to be ready with your plan and project for this week. You may receive some important calls or emails related to your business. There may be sudden financial gain from your business partner. Luck may be in your favor this week at the workplace. You just need to avoid disagreement with your boss. Try to clear all the government-related work.

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