PCR Testing For Travel In Birmingham

To prevent the spread of coronavirus, airlines and the Government in the UK  require travellers to show proof that they do not have a positive test result before entering or leaving the UK.  This is accomplished by doing a PCR test in Birmingham to determine whether an active infection is present.

Completing Your Birmingham PCR Testing 

You can have your PCR testing as soon as you arrive to have easy access to Birmingham. Furthermore, it will also prove that you are not infected with the virus, thus ensuring the country you will visit that you will not be a virus carrier.  

Walk-through Covid testing centres are  accessible from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and they offer a Fit to Fly certificate to passengers who take a Birmingham PCR test after their results have ben processed. Walk-in testing is also available for members of the public who require a PCR coronavirus test but waiting times may be longer if you fail to book in advance. 

How Much Do Birmingham PCR Tests Cost? 

Birmingham PCR testing starts from just £30. The findings of PCR testing, which are thought to be more accurate in establishing whether someone has the virus, can be sent in as little as a matter of hours. 

It is strongly recommended that all travellers  should research and look into all of the relevant country’s travel requirements to ensure that they follow its entrance regulations and health protection measures in relation to covid 19.

How Can You Obtain Your Fit To Fly Certificate?

Your certification and lab results will be emailed to you in PDF format. Testing operatives are working around the clock to handle test results and process them. This guarantees that we can fulfil our commitment to sending your certificates to you in advance for your trip. We recommend that you print it ahead of your journey and maintain a copy in your emails.

PCR Test Kit For Home Use

The equipment meets similar criteria as their clinical test but may be performed at the patient’s home.  

When you’ve completed the assessment, you may receive your Birmingham PCR test results within a matter of hours or days depending on what option you selected on the website. 

 As doing regular  PCR testing when travelling is important you should not forget to book tests as far in advance as possible. If you have more queries visit Randox health centre or their website, they are a professional health facility that aims to help you in your problems in regarding covid-19 matters.

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