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The sport season is as busy as ever with the NFL, NBA and NHL up and running, a jammed schedule of college sports every week and the MLS Cup just finished. This is the time of the year when every sports fan can revel in infinite hours of interesting and entertaining matches on TV and live streaming every day. 

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Time for a change at the Flyers

Philadelphia Flyers are in a terrible form at the moment and one of the weakest teams in the league. After a solid start to the season everything, exactly everything, has gone wrong. The team can’t seem to win an ice hockey game anymore and so far, it doesn’t help whatever adjustments or changes they try to do to get back to winning way. Their chance of claiming one of the playoff spots is getting narrower for every week and if they can’t find a way to turn this season around it will end in huge disappointment.

The Flyers made a last attempt to get out of the bad form by parting ways with coach Alain Vigneault and his assistant Michel Therrien. Mike Yeo, one of Vigneault’s assistants, will take charge of the team as an interim coach. The club hasn’t made clear if the plan is to find another head coach or to let Yeo be in charge as a head coach for the rest of the season yet but there are a few names that have been up for discussion as new manager for the Flyers. Claude Julien, previously at the Canadiens, got sacked in the early stages of last season and has been without a job since then. Julien will lead the Canadian national team in Spengler Cup in December and could be a smart choice for the Flyers. He has a long experience with more than 1200 NHL games to his name. A Stanley Cup trophy from 2011 with Boston Bruins can also be added to his record. Julien could be exactly what the Flyers would need in a situation like this. Someone who can come in and organize things and save this season from a disappointment. Check out the Flyers TV schedule and watch the Flyers’ fight for the playoffs.

Fight for the NFL playoffs tightens

With only a few weeks left to play of the regular season the fight for the playoff spots in the NFL tightens. It’s still hard to make any predictions on who is going to the playoffs and who will have their season ended early. There are several teams in contention for the playoff spots and everything is going to be decided in the coming weeks. Make sure to follow the dramatic ending of the NFL live on TV or stream.

Both Super Bowl contenders from last season, the Buccaneers and Kansas City Chiefs, have continued their strong form and seem to be well prepared for this season’s playoffs as well. It gets more interesting and exciting when we look at the wild card spots where several teams are fighting for only a few spots. The Philadelphia Eagles is one team who has improved massively compared to last season when they finished 15th in the National Football Conference. This season they are up and fighting for the playoff spots and will, if nothing unexpected happens, experience a much-improved 2021/22 season than last year. Watch the final game weeks of the NFL season which will conclude on January 9th.

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