Jobs in Saudi Arabia Jeddah

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Saudi Arabia  has recently become an increasingly popular city for the work of foreigners. The “Cultural Capital” Saudi Arabia is Jeddah is famous for its parks and skyscrapers. In addition, the city of skyscrapers has more than 3 million people and is considered multicultural. Plus to all this is the third largest city in the country. In addition, the “skyscraper city” (informal name) is one of the most powerful economically developed Saudi Arabia centers.

How can І get a job in Saudi Arabia?

As already mentioned in Saudi Arabia, illegal workers do not enjoy and impose a variety of restrictions on them, it comes even to deportation. Therefore, as it is more profitable to arrange for legal.  But in order to legally settle down in Saudi Arabia  you need to own a foreign language (preferably in English or Arabic). After all, employers are quite skeptical about the employees of foreigners without language knowledge. Having a diploma gives you the advantage when foreigners get jobs in Saudi Arabia Jeddah. The most important thing for the foreigner’s Robinin is to find a job who will help not only with the provision of work, but also with the receipt of a working visa. 

How to get a job in Saudi Arabia

You can’t just come to Saudi Arabia get a job. In order for a forces to be able to work, he must first enter into an employment contract with his employer. In addition, the employer is fully responsible for the employer and also takes care of such payments as

·        implementing a visa

·        work permit

·        invitation, etc.

Also, of course, the employer makes a number of requirements

·        documents confirming qualification or education

·        fluent in English

·        experience in the field in which the force is going to work.

What are the salaries in Saudi Arabia for foreigners

Of course, the higher the qualification of a force worker, the higher his salary. It is better for forcers to look for job options among skilled occupations, because there are enough unskilled workers in Saudi Arabia. In this country, the average salary is $ 30 per hour, or 5-6 thousand per month (and this is only for ordinary workers. Most vacancies for force are in tourism and recreation. For example, waiters, bartenders, cooks (salaries from $ 1,000 per And the most popular professions in Saudi Arabia for force  are: IT, education, builders, medicine. A qualified doctor in this country can count on at least 6 thousand a month, teachers in this country earn from 2 thousand dollars, a civil engineer – from two and a half thousand dollars a month, plus a minimum wage in Saudi Arabia for domestic workers ($ 200 a month).

How to find a job in Saudi Arabia

As well as in anything in work it is necessary to compete. Especially in Saudi Arabia, especially forces. After all, a forcer in this country can mostly apply for highly qualified professions. Since unskilled professions are “occupied” mainly by the local population. The main requirements for force workers are -qualification and knowledge of English. There are many organizations in Saudi Arabia that help forcers find work, such as the Saudi Arabia Investment Authority, Saudi Arabia Petroleum Corporation. Most vacancies are, of course, concentrated in the capital, this country.

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