Interactive Bees is cherishing its 13th year with full vigour and cheerful faces


Interactive Bees Pvt. Ltd is a Delhi-based brand communication agency celebrating its successful journey of 13 years. The voyage was not as smooth as silk but was indeed a roller coaster ride, full of all the faces of struggle. The team of Interactive Bees conquered all the challenges that came on its way and evolved under the conscientious and impassioned guidance of its founder, Director Ms Monica Gupta. The company’s name is inspired by ‘Honey Bees’ for their efficiency, controlled hierarchy, social awareness, evolution, and most importantly, Women empowerment. 

On this auspicious occasion, she shared that celebrating the thirteenth anniversary with a big team is reminding her of the initial days when she had started the company with her friend Shanti. “It is indeed a nostalgic feeling to appraise the vision behind the mission to start Ibees. It’s an awesome experience. Learning and growing is going hand in hand as if a skilled driver steering the car in the right direction with utmost care.”

“Tasting the fruit of success is not an easy task and the same happened with us. We have always stood up together and worked smartly with dedicated efforts and perseverance. We have earned success with a lot of hard work and it’s precious as a pearl. We consistently followed our values of clarity, creativity, commitment and the curiosity to improvise regularly and have carved the way as per our dream!”

Ibees has gained recognition in the Indian marketing scene through rock-solid will and relentless hard work of the whole team and gradually treading towards securing a bright future. Every member’s passionate and constant grit and unflagging commitment towards the company is the reason the company has actualized the 13th milestone with a lot of feathers in its cap. 

The Company has evolved drastically during the last two challenging years of prevailing covid conditions. It is truly said that the leader is the backbone of the company and Monica is a full-fledged support system for all her teammates. She kept them motivated throughout and provided emotional support to come out of the dejected state of mind. In turn the enthusiasm of the whole team was commendable specially to cater to the commitments of its clients, they adopted the hybrid system of working. Work from home has become a key factor for the ongoing functionality of the company and keeps the wheel rolling. They faced turbulent times strongly by holding each other’s hand firmly and came out as a winner. 

In the journey of over a decade, Interactive Bees has bagged the ‘Red Herring Top 100 Award for Asia’s most exciting companies for providing disrupting solutions in the industry and gaining substantive traction in 2016. Interactive Bees has also been listed in the ‘Top 10 Best Startups in Website Development Companies in India’ by Silicon India Magazine and ‘Consultants of the Year 2016′ and won the title of ‘India 5000 Best MSME Awards 2017’ for its quality excellence.

Most recently, two of its digital campaigns got recognized by the industry and the company won ‘Drivers of Digital Awards 2018’ for a Special Mention for Content in a Video Marketing Campaign and ‘Outstanding Campaign of the Month’ by 91 Mobiles. The company continued to mark its excellence in Digital as they bagged ‘Drivers of the Digital Awards 2019.

Ms Monica has also been awarded the ‘India’s Most Prominent Women Empowerment Award’ by Merit Awards and Market Research and gained recognition in the Indian marketing scene through her rock-solid will and relentless hard work.

Monica Gupta shared the secret behind the Company’s success, “Enduring clients; since inception our clients have relied on our services, their immense trust and belief in our system of work is the key motivating force to prove them right and surpass their expectations over the years.”

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