Huawei expected to unveil ‘Watch D’ on Dec 23


(IANS) Tech giant Huawei is expected to launch a new smartwatch — Huawei Watch D — that will feature a blood pressure monitor, on December 23.

According to Android Community, the upcoming Huawei Watch D with blood pressure monitor will come with a Huawei Health app, where users can access information including history of their BP results.

On the app, users can monitor their results for improvements, the report said.

The feature seems to be similar to the one available in the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.

The report mentiopned that the BP feature is being tested and is said to offer a good accuracy rate.

As per the website, “of course, such a smartwatch will never replace a real BP monitor but it works and can give you an idea about your health and condition. It can be for quick or everyday use”.

The smartwatch is also said to come with a medical-grade electrocardiogram (ECG). This can check the heart rhythm of a person that may possibly detect Atrial fibrillation (Afib).

The company is also believed to introduce several other products with helpful features.

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