How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Ring


Congratulations! You’re engaged! What an exciting time. Your proposal was most certainly perfect, whether it involved a picturesque waterfall shaping out the background or stumbling on words, dropping the ring and ugly tears. It’s the moment that you’re going to remember for the rest of your life, and that’s why it will always be perfect to you. So, now what? It’s already time to start planning? You know what that means.

It’s time for you to find the perfect wedding rings.

At first instinct, it’s pretty easy, Right? You just want something to put on your finger to symbolize your eternal love to your fiancé (It sounds weird to say fiancé still, doesn’t it?).

Then you start looking around. Maybe you research to find out what local jewelry store is popular in the mall, or you start looking through the collections of online retailers like our friends at Ritani. And now you’re starting to realize there’s a little more to it than that. Picking a wedding ring is going to be tough.

Never fear – we’ve put together a tutorial to help you find that perfect ring.

Simple Wedding Rings

Let’s start with simplicity. Simple wedding rings are exactly as the sound. jewelry stores st thomas They’re simple. You don’t need any frills or thrills, just the band wrapping around your finger. Usually, they are one solid metal like gold or platinum and don’t contain any stones.

Stackable Wedding Rings

Stackable wedding rings take into account your engagement ring. And that makes sense, duh. Why wouldn’t you want your wedding ring and engagement ring – worn on the same finger – to stack? These rings seamlessly integrate with almost any engagement ring making them a perfect option, and they’re often bought as one bridal set with the engagement ring. If you already have an engagement ring and are looking for the perfect complement to stack, always double check with your vendor to make sure they will work with your ring.

5 Stone Wedding Rings

Five stone rings start bringing the sparkle into the equation. These beautiful rings include five perfectly placed diamonds in a row to really catch the eye. The stones will be smaller in size than your engagement ring, which still shines the brightest, and are usually purchased based on total carat weight. 

9 Stone Wedding Rings

Five stones aren’t enough? No problem. Let’s pack some punch. Nine stone wedding rings add in two extra stones to each side of the five stone to make the sparkle wrap up to halfway around your finger. When you’re placing nine stones, you really start to add up the carat weight which can make them a bit pricier – but they’re so worth it!

Eternity Rings

I want my wedding ring to have diamonds wrapped all the way around. That’s what you get with an eternity ring. These beautiful rings will carefully place prong-set stones all the war around, making for a ring that is sure to sparkle. With so many stones, the total carat weight can really start to get up there. Ritani’s smallest eternity rings contains 1.62 carats.

Diamond Wedding Rings

We just talked about diamond wedding rings, didn’t we? Well, yes, but there are still other diamond wedding rings that don’t fit into these categories. French set or Bezel set diamond rings can bring the flare of the eternity ring without the price tag. These are the perfect rings for someone looking for that sparkle while sticking to their budget.

So, which wedding ring style are you going to pick?

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