How To Add Flavor and Extra Nutrition To Your Grains


Wholegrains are a known staple in many household pantries, and for good reason. High in fiber and packed full of nutrients, various types of whole grains are praised as “superfoods” due to their many health advantages.

While plain whole grains are usually associated with being a part of a healthy diet, they still lack some important nutrition – such as dietary protein and various amino acids.

Adding Bone Broth To Grains

So, how do you fix these nutritional gaps? By adding a bone broth protein powder to your grains, you can increase the nutritional value and strengthen the flavor of your meal.

Though broth is typically renowned for its quality nutrition, bone broth powder also offers many health benefits to support optimal body function.

Promotes Healthy Gut Function

The leaky gut syndrome is a result of a damaged gut lining, which allows toxins to pass from the gut into the bloodstream. 

Various studies show that the amino acids found in bone broth can rebuild the integrity and quality of the intestinal lining for healthier digestive function.

Supports Joint Health

Certain amino acids in bone broth – notably proline and glycine – are nutrients that the body uses to build connective tissues such as tendons and ligaments.

These connective tissues allow joints to move smoothly against each other, reducing the risk of joint inflammation and discomfort. The regular consumption of these amino acids can also boost the body’s natural collagen production.

Improves Sleep Quality

The amino acid glycine is also known to improve sleep quality and, as a result, it may even benefit cognitive function. 

Studies show that consuming this amino acid before sleep can promote deeper sleep, reduce restlessness, and prevent daytime fatigue. One study even suggests that consuming glycine may improve memory.

How To Add Bone Broth To Stove Top Grains

Whether you’re in the mood for a side of rice or a hearty pasta dish, bone broth powder makes for a healthy, flavorsome addition.

As most grains are prepared and cooked in the same way, the process of adding bone broth powder is quick, easy, and convenient. 

While your grain of choice is simmering on the stovetop, add two scoops of bone broth powder to ten ounces of hot water in a separate cup or bowl. Mix thoroughly until the bone broth is completely dissolved, and then pour the broth into the water with the grains. 

As the grain continues to cook, it will absorb the bone broth, gaining a rich flavor and an impressive extra boost of nutrition. 

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