How students can prepare for NEET Physics

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To score good marks in NEET, students should focus majorly on the Physics section. This does not mean that only this section requires much attention but this is one of the most difficult sections among the other two. In this section, students must perform excellently. NEET comprises three sections- Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Out of all these three sections, physics requires proper attention. Understanding the concepts from the roots is essential so that students can apply their knowledge practically.

Important strategies to Master NEET physics

It is seen that students preparing for NEET have a habit of learning everything. But this habit will not help them in preparing for the physics section. Physics is the section that requires a proper preparation plan. It needs a strong study strategy from the beginning of the year. One cannot master Physics in one day or night.

Students can overcome the difficulty in Physics by following several strategies mentioned below-

  1. Analyze the course-  Before starting the physics course students should be familiar with the course pattern. One should always be familiar with the new syllabus pattern. Carry out in-depth research before starting any section.
  1.  Collect study materials- before starting to prepare, collect all sources of study material. Be prepared with NCERT books, revision notes, guide books, or modules.
  1. Prepare formula- formulas are the strength of Physics. Prepare them with heart. Make a separate copy and list out all formulas in it. This will help to prepare and learn effectively. This will act as a lifesaver for the end.
  1. Physics NCERT- physics is no less than a nightmare. One can easily master chemistry and biology but not physics. Start with basic NCERT. Prepare theoretical knowledge from it and apply its concepts practically to other questions. If students want to score high then NCERT is not enough. They should go for high levels of questions also. But they should first begin with NCERT only.
  2. Prepare notes-  practice physics by preparing short notes of the theorem, formula, and concepts. Pen down important topics it will help to memorize fast. Physics is an important section among the other two. One should always prepare it by developing a writing habit. Cramming will not support and help in PHYSICS.
  1. Give brain rest- it is generally seen that NEET candidates load themselves with excessive pressure. Give time to the brain to relax. Overpressure may disturb their health and can make them sick.
  1. Stay hydrated-  water plays an important role in maintaining one’s health. Do not ignore it. Drink in an adequate amount to maintain the proper functioning of the body. Dehydration can lead to fatigue, sore throat, and drowsiness. 
  1. Always clear doubts- students preparing for NEET should clear their doubts with their respective teachers. Do not leave it for the last moment. One should read the concepts twice or thrice if not understood. Watch educational videos in case of any help. Seek help from the seniors or one can ask their respective mentors.
  1. Stay positive- one should not burden themself by considering physics tough. One should carry out various physical activities like meditation or yoga to relax the mind. Never load yourself with extra pressure. This will create extra pressure on the mind and heart.
  1. Practice tests regularly- students can master physics by doing regular practice. Attend various online mock tests. Practice by solving more questions. This will improve the ability to solve more.  
  1.  Sleep pattern -Always have enough sleep to keep your mind and body fresh. Do not study till late at night. It will disturb the next day’s routine. Give proper time to sleeping time, eating time, and studying time.

NEET exam pattern

Below is the information regarding the NEET exam pattern

Particulars Details 
Examination modeOffline 
Exam duration 3 hours 
Total number of questions180 
Marks scheme +4 for the right answer, -1 for wrong, and 0 for no answer
Maximum marks720 marks 

NEET Physics Syllabus

NEET physics comprises chapters from both classes 11 and 12.

Following are the chapter names of both classes 11 and 12. students must go through these chapters thoroughly and practice in order to master them.

chaptersClass 11Class 12
1Physical-worldElectric charge and field
2Units and measurementsElectrostatic potential and capacitance
3Motion in a straight lineCurrent electricity 
4Motion in a PlaneMoving charges and magnetism
5Laws of motionMagnetism and matter 
6Work, energy, and powerElectromagnetic induction 
7System of particles and rotational motionAlternating current 
8gravitationElectromagnetic waves 
9Mechanical properties of solidsRay optics and optical instruments 
10Mechanical properties of the fluidWave optics 
11Thermal properties of matter Dual nature of radiation and matter 
12Thermodynamics Atoms 
13Kinetic theoryNuclei 
14oscillationsSemiconductor electronics 

Students can find here important questions of Chapters like Unit and Dimensions NEET Important Questions.

Why is NCERT Physics important for NEET?

Students should keep in mind that NCERT must be mastered for Physics NEET. one can take help from reference books like H.C.Verma or D Mukherjee. But one can gain proper concepts clarity with the help of NCERT only. Take a mock test every day. Focus on weak sections. NCERT will help to clear the foundation base. But if the candidate is looking forward to scoring 500+, they should refer to a good reference book. The fact is that NCERT will help you to study from the surface only. If you wish to crack a high score then prepare yourself for challenging questions.


Always consider NEET as one of the important examinations. Stay focused right from the start. Solve more questions. Prepare notes nicely and in an understandable form. Never hesitate to seek help from the mentors. They will provide guidance in the best possible way. One should never feel demotivated. Learn to respect yourself first. Stay focused and calm right from the beginning and will stop you from achieving heights. 

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