Gemini Weekly Horoscope 5th December – 11th December 2021

Love and Relationships

This week may be favorable for your love life. You are likely to be more romantic during the mid-week. You may desire to get well dressed to impress your partner. However, there are chances of miscommunication and disparity in ideas towards the end of the week. Refrain from using rough words, as it may hurt your partner and affect your relationship. As the week progresses, your relations are likely to improve. Hence, this week may reflect a mixed response in terms of love and relations. But, this week may you come closer to your partner. If you are into a committed relationship, you may plan to tie the nuptial knot. This may enable you to settle down in your relationship, permanently.


Students and learners may expect desired results by the mid of the week. Due to the favorable position of planets this week, those involved in intellectual and technical education may get desired results. Minor influence of malefic planets may bring in phases of unrest and obstructions at times. If this is dealt with patience and confidence, you may negate the malefic influences as the influence of benefic planets is higher. Taking up your higher studies seriously is likely to help you this week. Your preparations are likely to improve your academic performance in many ways. Where ever needed, take the help of your mentor or preceptors.


This week you are likely to enjoy good health. The benefic planets may outshine the influence of malefic planets, however, minor problems and ailments may not be ruled out. Abstaining from spicy, stale, and sour food may prove to be helpful to maintain your health. Also, try to give up all forms of addiction as this may improve your immunity and may make you fitter and healthier. Try to do yoga or exercise regularly, it may help you to remain fit this week.


This week, you are likely to witness an increase in your income. With the conjunction of lord of gains in transit, the entire week may reflect rise and fall in your financial status. Although the influence of benefic planets may not allow major loss, there are chances of minor loss and mishaps this week. Towards the end of the week, gain and profit may be expected. Try not to give money to anyone, as you may suffer from some problem to recover the same. Also, investing in real estate may not yield great results.


This week is likely to bring in good news regarding career or business proposals. Those involved in Private or Government sectors may experience pleasant times. However, income maybe average. Those dealing with international trading are likely to get benefits and expected results. This week may make you more analytical and sharper in your career analysis. The week may not be promising for joint partnership kind of activities. You may be unhappy with the negotiations and this may pull you down to a great extent. Consult an expert before signing any document, as this may help you to gain clarity to make the right decision.

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