Digital Transformations Accelerating the Adoption of Colocation Data Centres in India

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Ever since the beginning of the digitalisation era, digital media platforms have geared up to be future-ready, innovative, and relevant. Additionally, today, the business environment is highly unpredictable and challenging, largely owing to the global Covid-19 outbreak. While this has pushed digital media organisations to maintain a competitive edge, colocation data centre services deserve much of the credit. 

As the number of internet subscribers in India projected a quarterly growth of 3.79 per cent during the pandemic (1), data centres provided secure and reliable colocation services to businesses. Although a few enterprises built & managed their own data centre operations, the majority outsourced to third-party colocation data centre services. 

In broad terms, data centres offered the space, infrastructure, and connectivity to pave the way for the digital revolution. Simultaneously, digital transformations accelerated the adoption of colocation data centres in India, helping businesses leverage the benefits of cloud services & computing. 

Expansion of Digital Media Services During the Covid-19 Pandemic 

Even though global digital transformation has been underway for the past decade, the Covid-19 pandemic has undoubtedly fast-tracked it. Today, the average household has 25 connected devices, including laptops, smartphones, tablets, smart televisions, gaming consoles, home devices, and more (2). Before the pandemic, the average household only had 11 such devices, indicating a massive increase in the use of digital media platforms. 

But this expansion is not limited to entertainment, gaming, and streaming. More than 50% of adults opted for virtual doctor appointments, of which 80% were satisfied with the experience (3). Therefore, the impact of the coronavirus outbreak has been visible across all sectors of the digital media industry as people have begun adjusting to the new normal. 

However, this growth of the digital media sector led to organisations seeking colocation data centre services on scale, larger than ever. While this generated high revenues for data centre services, it also pushed them to improve their infrastructure and offer more consumer-centric solutions. 

The Importance of Bolstering Infrastructure for Data Centres 

After lurking in the shadow for decades, colocation data centre services came into the spotlight due to the rapid digitalisation during Covid-19. But for data centres, this meant keeping their high-quality services, efficiency, and sustainability uncompromised so digital platforms could rely on them. 

Additionally, data centres need robust infrastructure and networks to be relevant in the competitive market. As a result, India’s modern colocation data centre services focused on enhancing efficacy, upgrading on-site systems, improving connectivity, and boosting power & cooling efficiency. 

While these are the core operations, data centres also need to advance speed and reliability, as these are essential to the functioning of digital media services. All in all, colocation data centre services have had to bolster infrastructure to improve their uptime and make suitable investments to support businesses through digitalisation. 

How Colocation Data Centre Services Can Help Digital Media Platforms Get Future-Ready 

Since digitalisation is still uncharted territory for most of us, the contributions of colocation data centre services are indispensable, especially for digital media platforms. Not only do data centres support an enterprise’s growth trajectory, but they also provide the network connectivity digital platforms need to deliver their services effectively. 

While it might be an excellent idea to build and utilize business-owned data centres, it should not come at the cost of a company’s core operations. Additionally, shifting the focus to developing colocation data centres can impact the overall performance of digital media platforms, causing more harm than good. 

The most viable choice for media organisations is to go for professional colocation data centre services such as those offered by STT GDC India. Through their 21 data centres spread across nine major cities of India, STT GDC India provides reliable, efficient, and flexible colocation solutions. Additionally, they guarantee an uptime with robust security and state-of-the-art infrastructure. 

Recognised as the best colocation service provider of the year 2020 by Frost & Sullivan, STT GDC India is your way to achieving operational excellence in the era of digitalisation. So, head over to STT GDC India’s website and get future-ready with their advanced colocation data centre services today! 

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