Capricorn Weekly Horoscope 5th December – 11th December 2021

Love and Relationships

Romantically you may find the week to be more challenging. You may be quite often misunderstood by your partner. This may be a difficult task to deal with. You may have to express more often than usual. Do not in any way feel displeased with this is only a matter of testing your patience. Your partner is likely to make you feel irritated, but soon they may reconcile with you. Those who are planning to get married may need to soon fix up the timing for marriage. This may enable you to settle down in life. Mutually there is likely to be a better understanding.


Education-wise, students may have to work too hard this week. The more you may work hard in learning the better maybe its results. Therefore, take academics more seriously. Students of Law, Medicine, and Management need to undertake some internship programs to make sure you earn some experience. Your working ability may also get perfectionated if you can apply theory and practice together. This may be a good time for those who have been looking for teaching others. Your social work may certainly help you and you may be quite happy with your social obligation.


This may be a good week for those who have been taking care of their health and fitness. You have been working hard to reduce your intake of food and even controlling your weight. All this will accumulate into a new personality that may keep your fitness in line with your expectations. If planning to undertake any alternative therapy such as Ayurveda or even Homeopathy, then this week may not be a good one to start the treatment. This may be a good week for those undergoing treatment for ulcers. You may see a complete cure or almost complete cure. Therefore, continue with the therapy.


This may be a favorable week for natives into the business. All the flow of money that you have been planning may come on time. This may be your moment to save as much as you can and then invest the rest for expansion. The only advice is to maintain a separate account for every amount that you plan to divert for your own good. Again, if planning to invest in other businesses, then the week is likely to be helpful. You are advised to diversify your investment portfolio to ensure you earn maximize returns. This may ensure the proper flow of income and savings.


New assignments are likely to come your way. But only after the initial hard work. This may make me feel tired and less enthusiastic. Do not lose patience, as all this is only temporary. Those into service may be assigned new roles. You may also get an opportunity outside your office. You may have to choose between the two of them. If need be, take opinions from others. Try to ensure you make the right decision. If into business, then credit sales are likely to be a tough decision this week. Do background verification before finalizing the deal.

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