For most medical students, keeping up with the pressures of college alone is a demanding task. Studying medicine is a life-changing decision that will take somewhere between four to several years to complete, leaving little room for other endeavors. But fourth-year medical student Cameron Ghassemi is one of the exceptions, having established his own fitness company on the side while pursuing his degree in medicine.

Adopting a healthy routine ought to be a part of one’s way of living. It forestalls ailments and sicknesses, helping people vibe great with regards to themselves. However, individuals frequently lose sight amidst the stressors of life.  A person who understands this vital concern and addresses it to others is the fourth-year medical student known as Cameron Ghassemi.

Healthy Lifestyle Promotes a Healthy Culture

Cameron has made considerable progress. Rewinding it to where everything started, Cameron was brought into the world on April 07, 1996, in Ridgewood, NJ. He is the founder of, a personal training company, advancing the significance of adjusting to a sound way of life in this speedy world. The 25-year old’s organization coordinates the point of view of an individual trainer and a medical student. Through his organization’s training schedules, Cameron additionally makes it a highlight, examining the advantages of a healthy lifestyle. He centers on how and why mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual prosperity is significant for everybody. Cameron has similarly acquired a great deal from experiencing childhood in New Jersey until moving to NY in 2018 for medical school. He is an energetic individual who comprehends the significance of aiding individuals around him. Hailing from a family of humble people, Cameron made sure to arise as somebody unique concerning the others. His commitment, challenging work, and consistency have demonstrated him to help other people, making considerable progress. He is likewise an enthusiastic person about mentorship. Cameron has been a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer for beyond six years. Alongside that, he is a fourth-year medical student who is soon to graduate in 2022. His temperament and instructive foundation impact Cameron’s valuable encounters. He went to Muhlenberg College and graduated Magna Cum Lade with a Neuroscience BS degree.

However, his passion for health and fitness originated from somewhat darker beginnings. He drew inspiration from himself after growing up as an overweight child and eventually overcoming it. After many reactions to his companions’ weight, Cameron chose to consume fewer calories and exercise fanatically – to where he shed 50 pounds in under five months. Now, his absence of appropriate nourishment, over-practicing, and consistent strain to look “better” further added to his body dysmorphia. It was disturbing as this dietary problem was ‘horrendous’ for him. It made Cameron need to guide and mentor others to carry on with a better way of life and not jump down the path of starving themselves as he did. “It took more than a year of unhealthy habits until something finally clicked,” he explains. With the help of family, friends, and physicians, he began to eat better, gain weight, and exercise in a healthy way. “The medical doctors involved in my treatment had a keen sense of awareness and compassion, which was something that I truly admired. I could finally see the adverse effects of my disorder through the lens of my father’s eyes and these medical professionals, which I could not do before.”

In the summer before his sophomore year of college, he decided to become a personal trainer, hoping to share his story while being an example and mentor for others. The way he did this was by establishing his own online fitness company in 2015, Fitlifeadvice LLC. As well as offering tailored packages, he also uses TikTok and his other social media pages to inspire others. He describes his experience as a personal trainer as “invaluable” for giving him interpersonal skills, as well as the ability to administer client-specific training programs.
“As I reflect back through my journey, I often wonder how I could have fallen victim to the effects of body dysmorphia.” he says. “I now realize how powerful the brain is and how susceptible the body is to its influences. I use my personal experience to really understand what others are going through.” Cameron not only overcame an eating disorder to turn his own life around but now makes sure no one else has to go through what he did.

He assists individuals with understanding the significance of wellbeing and prosperity while zeroing in on why and how clinical understudies ought to likewise deal with their wellbeing.

Cameron tends to that as a medical student; one may disregard their own well-being. Therefore, one of his primary targets of training programs was to bring issues to light among medical students through online social media platforms.

Cameron has become quite popular on social media platforms, such as Tiktok – where he has received his blue checkmark verification. With a network of over 400,000+ followers, he continues to promote content in the realm of fitness and medicine, with the occasional presence of his fluffy cat, Apollo.

Cameron is also on Twitter (@camsghassemi) and Instagram (@cameronghassemi). Ghassemi has been featured in outlets like Famous birthdays, Vents Magazine, Yahoo money, and many more. For Cameron, helping others is a calling. He is 100% dedicated to healing the whole person. Cameron states that “My company integrates the perspective of a personal trainer and a medical student. I talk about the benefits of holistic health, mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.” Mental health is a big component and Ghassemi continually promotes different ways to keep a healthy perspective.

You can contact Cameron through his social media pages.

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