6 Ways to Foster School Spirit

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Fostering school spirit is not always a priority for teaching institutions, but it should be. School spirit directly impacts school attendance and results. It also affects the number of incidents in schools and the atmosphere in which teaching staff must operate. Everything goes better in a school when the students are proud of it, so you should spend as much time as possible on boosting school spirit if you feel it’s lacking. Here are some ways all schools can improve school spirit.

Hold Fundraising Events

Having your students participate in fundraising events will fill them with a sense of pride, not only in their efforts, but in the fact that their school cares about the community. This could almost become like a brand for your school, and you’d be surprised at how many of your students will start with their own initiatives as a result.

We know that building school fundraisers might seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. If you want a few ideas for school fundraisers, check out Fundraising Brick. They run down a few examples of fundraising events you could have your student participate in, and most of them are pretty easy to organize, so don’t be afraid to try and look at which ones would work the best in your school.

Invest In Your School Clubs

One of the best ways to build school spirit is to have your students build solid bonds. There’s also something to be said about students willingly staying in the school outside of school hours. This allows them to build a positive bond with the school and see it as more than a place where they have to sit and listen to classes for hours.

The best way that you can accomplish both these goals is to have a variety of groups and invest in them. Some examples of clubs you could set up include a photography club, film appreciation club, art club, or cookery club. You should then give them the proper setup and invest in good equipment. You could even have some well-known figures in these spaces come to give lectures or special classes. 

Let Students Choose Their Field Trips

You shouldn’t arbitrarily plan field trips. You could pick from a variety of activities and let students vote on which activities they want the most. This will make sure that they are satisfied with the trip, and they will love the fact that you trust them enough to make their own choices.

Don’t Neglect Your Sports Teams and Installations

School teams are one of the things that affect school spirit the most and having well-funded sports teams that perform well can help school spirit in many ways.

Some students may not feel like they have what it takes to be engineers or researchers, for instance, but they might find themselves in sports. Having a good sports team could prevent some of your students from straying away and will give them a sense of connection with their school.

Other than that, school sports are a great opportunity for students to get together and rally behind a team. Friendly competition between schools is one of the best ways to build school spirit and student pride. 

So, make sure that you look at your installations and the state of your teams. You will need to give them all the resources needed to succeed and perform at a high level. Make sure that their practice facility is up to par and hire the best coaches you can afford. Make sure that the places where they play are up to par as well.

Let Students Leave Their Mark on the School

You also have to find a way for your students to personalize their school. This will give them a sense of ownership and make them feel like they’re part of a big family. One great idea you could try would be to allow students to draw a mural somewhere. You could also have a space where students can display a drawing of their choice or have a special drawing representing each class on an alumni wall. 

Contests and Talent Shows

Contest and talent shows can also be a great way to build school spirit. Allowing students to discover other people’s talents and know that they may have future stars coming from their school will work wonders for school spirit. You should also provide all the tools for your students to compete at a national level for different contests. Having a few contest winners coming from your school will make students feel like their school is thriving for excellence and make them proud.

These are all simple things you could do to improve school spirit. Do not take the importance of school spirit lightly and see what you could do to boost it starting today.

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