3 Ways for Your Engagement Ring to Make an Impact


Congratulations on your impending nuptials! If you’re looking forward to your wedding and care about environmental issues, you are likely researching ways to “go green” with your decision-making. Many people struggle with the dark history of engagement rings and the diamond industry. They want to take the opportunity to make an ethical, sustainable, or socially impactful choice while they shop.

Here are three great ways to give back to the world with your ring and make sure your love remains kind.

Recycled Metal Settings

Recycled metal settings are getting more popular as well, and no wonder why! You get a gorgeous, durable setting, usually in gold. Additionally, you get the comfort of knowing that there didn’t need to be extra mining done on your behalf and that you are likely wearing a combination of other people’s beloved gold keepsakes. You are carrying more love with you and maintaining the environment by doing it. Check-in with your local jewelry stores and online to see if there are recycled metal options available, as you will get the same quality of metal but also get the pride of knowing that you opted for a kinder setting than most.

Lab-Grown Diamonds

One new and exciting way to make your engagement ring a more impact fully ethical purchase is to divest from diamond mining by buying lab-grown. Lab-grown diamonds are made through the same processes as mined diamonds but in a lab under high-pressure conditions. This helps avoid the corrupt and environmentally harmful mining industry, and the best part is it can also lessen the price tag! Lab-grown diamonds of the same grade, carat weight, and clarity come at a much lower price because they cut out mining costs.

Lab-grown diamond engagement rings are a great example of this, as the diamonds and settings are of quality. Yet, the prices are markedly lower than mined options from other jewelry companies. As you search for your ring, consider going lab-grown to save some money and to make an ethical impact on the world around you.

Start a Ring Fund

One of our favorite new trends to see is people setting aside money in their ring fund to donate to charity. Rather than attributing a full three-month salary to an engagement ring, some save three, spend two on the ring, and then use the final one month’s salary as a donation. This is amazing because it impacts the world around you and allows you and your beloved to bond over shared causes as you choose your charity together. You may even end up starting a tradition, where you and your partner choose a charity each year to donate to together or continue to donate to the same charity year after year. You can mark your commitment to each other with a commitment to make the world a better place each anniversary.


In recent years concerns surrounding the environment have increased exponentially. Everyone wants to do their part to save the planet. Small decisions add up, and you can make a difference by voting with your dollar, one decision at a time.

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