Vishwa Hindu Parishad to restore, renovate temples in UP villages

The Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) has called upon its members and common people to assist in the restoration and proper functioning of the temples located in their villages and localities.

The initiative, which is being touted as a milestone in the restoration of several big and small temples, located in villages and various localities, will start from Kashi.

The regional organisation secretary of eastern Uttar Pradesh, Gajendra, said that people from all over the country have supported the Ram temple being built in Ayodhya.

“The organisation believes that along with Ayodhya, the temple of each village and locality should also be equally grand and should become the centre of faith and religious rights of the people. For this, the VHP workers and office bearers will select a temple in their respective areas and start the process of its restoration”, he said.

Apart from taking the help of the local people, the organisation will also cooperate with its resources. If there is any difficulty in the maintenance of the temple, then the workers of the organisation will cooperate in that too, he said.

The help rendered by the VHP would be financial and physical.

The office bearer informed that the temples will also be used to discuss the problems being faced by the local people during the daily Satsang.

Such a temple can also become the centre of ‘family Satsang’.

The message of harmony in society will also be given through these temples. It will play an important role in the integration of Hindus, he added.

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