Virgo Weekly Horoscope 28th November– 4th December 2021

Love and Relationships

As the week begins planets may arouse emotions, which may be misdirected or may have something to do with your past. Some previous events may cause unnecessary disruptions. Failure on your part to remain steadfast or tactful may cause issues. Although, your strong commitment to the chosen course may work in the end. As of now, complicated issues may start getting resolved as the week progresses. Patience and belief in your commitment may stand with you and is likely to boost your love life gradually as the week approaches its end.


The week may be a period to go back over what you have been doing so far. Students may find the time suitable to review their past performances and make necessary modifications to achieve better results. It may be a phase to revise your skills and work practices. Adapting to new concepts and methods may place you on a better edge as the week progresses. Associations with some learned people may change your outlook and direction. Your efforts may help you to grasp new opportunities to expand your skill set this week.


There may be some periods in the early part of the week which may make you uncomfortable with your health and fitness levels. But, as the period advances planets are likely to help you in maintaining your overall well being. Despite some fluctuations, you may remain active and productive around the phase. The impact of planets may boost your immune system and you may get comfortable with your strength and stamina around the weekend. You may be able to recover from any ailments and hence your general health may remain very much satisfactory.


Some good opportunities for growth and gain may come along with the advancement of the week. But you may need to refrain from making new investments or promise a financial involvement at this time. There may be scope for better chances as well as clarity about how to proceed further during the latter part of the week. Your strong financial management and actions in the right direction may lead to gradual growth and gain as the week progresses. It may also provide you with occasions to resolve some pending matters. Overall, there may be indications of an improvement in your position on the financial front.


Future growth prospects may keep you preoccupied during the week. As time progresses you may start picking momentum and may be comfortably positioned in a new role or assignment. There may be some lows around midweek, but the latter part may see you busier and more vivacious at the workplace. Around the weekend you may feel comfortable and happy with your position on the professional front. Businessmen may explore new horizons and possibly add new items in their product/service list.

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