Virgo Weekly Horoscope 21st November– 27th November 2021

Love and Relationships

The week seems to be beneficial for your love life and relationship. The natives who are in a love relationship and in commitment may get their partner’s support. You may come in contact with your old relationships and keep in touch. You may also form some new connections. The weekend may bring problems that move your sentiments to the core. It may feel strange, but these issues may awaken your inner most desires or needs. There are chances of uneasiness due to this, but you may have the capacity to sort them efficiently. The week may conclude on a good note.


With the start of the week, some motivational ideas may enable you to complete your pending projects that are crucial. It would be a favourable period to come out of the limited mind by broadening your knowledge and skills. You are likely to be extremely focused on your ambitions and goals in your education. Hence, the planetary impacts would work towards sufficient productivity and enhanced performance as the week advances. It is advisable to keep firm determination in yourself and get going with it. Your sustained efforts and dedication may give you fruitful rewards as the week approaches its end.


You would have a properly working immune system during this week. There are chances of digestive problems around mid-week. You are likely to be in discomfort due to the weather’s impact. Hence, you must take good care of your health. Perhaps, you may not get sufficient time to spend on your health and fitness regime. But with the advancement of the week, the planetary effects may increase your attention towards health and wellbeing to a good extent. There may be a gradual improvement in your fitness level. You would be able to maintain health quite efficiently during the latter part of the week.


The week may enable you to boost your financial status. However, your easy going approach can reduce growth prospects. Your concrete financial planning would help you to move past the obstacles and attain your goals. The wonderful part of this phase is that you may have high levels of confidence. You may also be blessed with fruitful results because of fearless efforts among stiff challenges around the weekend. Monetary deals done during this week are likely to give you beneficial results. Some past financial issues may get sorted, and hence you would breathe an air of relief by the weekend.


Your career is likely to take a leap this week. If you make additional attempts to improve your relations with your boss, you can grow faster. You may face some difficulties and obstacles at the start. There may be an uncertainty about your decisions and capabilities. But, you would be able to perform in a better way during the last phase. This time would be beneficial for your career and your efforts will pay you back. Planetary transits seem to bring distinct results for those into business. Opportunities may come your way for earnings and growth along with some delays.

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