Virgo Weekly Horoscope 14th November– 20th November 2021

Love and Relationships

There may be some stress and disruptions in your personal life and relationship this week. You may have to curb your ego while dealing with your beloved ones if you want to avoid unnecessary clashes this time around. Your romantic bond may suffer if you are unable to manage your relationship this week. So, think twice before you criticize or comment on your beloved ones. Rest easy, the planetary influences may give you opportunities to resolve some disputes with a meaningful conversation with your beloved one this week.


This week, there may be some distractions, and hence you may not be able to focus so well in your studies. You are suggested to work systematically, so you may not miss any detail. There may be a gradual improvement, and you are likely to focus on your plan and the vision perfectly. Important guidance from your mentors is likely to help you in changing the context of your thinking. You may have a positive impact on your educational progress and examination. So, your performance is likely to be better this week.


You may be scattering your energies behind lots of activities this week, and hence you may feel tired at times. Here you are suggested to have a constant watch on your energy levels. Despite such fluctuations in your health, you may keep things firmly under control due to the better planetary support this week. However, it is best for you to follow strict discipline. You may be in a good mood as your health status may remain stronger this week.


Planets during this week are likely to have a favorable influence on your financial visions. You may receive many opportunities for gains during this week. But, there are chances of some pressure on your earnings due to some unexpected expenses this week. It is best for you to avoid making any new investments or promise any financial involvement in haste. You are suggested to take time for reviewing decisions taken earlier so that you may avoid unnecessary issues in the future. It is best for you to avoid making over-ambitious decisions, as there are chances of wrong judgments. It is likely to be a smooth going for you and may have a comfortable position in money matters during this week.


This week may bring positive results to your hard work. You may be tad negative too, but you are suggested to avoid allowing it to affect your performance at the workplace. It is best for you to keep yourself motivated by sailing through some complex situations this time around. It may be helpful if you direct negativity to something positive and relaxing. You are suggested to detach yourself from controversies, and refocus your interests to some creative work to relieve pressure. You may make good progress once you cross the bumpy period. You are likely to work efficiently and strengthen your position. Businessmen may also be able to expand the customer base this week.

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