Top 5 Beautiful Places in Scandinavia: from Norway’s Fjords to Denmark’s Castles

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Scandinavia – a beautiful region in Northern Europe with the most wonderful landscapes, crisp air, and vibrant cities. From urbanistic scenery to natural attractions, all of it makes for a fantastic holiday. Settle in and read through our list of the top 5 beautiful places to visit on what will hopefully be only the first of your many Scandinavia tours

1. Norway’s Fjords

Certainly, one of the first things people immediately associate Norway with is the magnificent fjords. There are many of them, so try to choose the fjords according to your location and accessibility. However, the most popular ones are the Geirangerfjord and Sognefjord. 

The first one is located in mid-Norway, and it has been recognized as the UNESCO World Heritage Site for its deep blue waters, crushing waterfalls, and gracious mountain peeks. You can also visit the Norwegian Fjord Center where you can learn about the formation of these structures. 

Sognefjord is Norway’s deepest and longest one, surrounded by stunning wilderness. There are also two national parks in the same area, where you can hike, fish or cycle. The exact number of Fjords in the country is unknown, but there are roughly about 1.700 of them, so research carefully which ones you like to see and do not miss out on these fantastic views! 

Norway’s fjord

2. Abisko National Park

Located in Lapland, Sweden, Abisko National Park is famous for its cool trails, clear weather and the beautiful Abiskodalen valley of flowery meadows. It also frames the biggest Scandinavia’s alpine lake, so the views are fantastic, to say the least. Another thing you probably relate to Scandinavia is the Northern Lights, and luckily, Abisko National Park is known to be one of the best places in the world to see them! Due to its convenient geographical location and crisp, clean weather, you can see the lights super clearly. 

Northern Lights

3. Trolltunga

Now this one you have probably seen many times on Instagram or Pinterest. It really makes for a beautiful photo, but nothing compares to visiting Trolltunga and seeing it with your own eyes. The protruding rock sits about 2.300 feet above Lake Ringedalsvatnet, Norway, and hardcore risk-takers like to walk to the edge for that crazy adrenaline rush and impeccable sights. Trolltunga translates to Troll’s Tongue due to its tongue-like shape. Do not forget to snap a photo when you get there! 

Also, if you need help getting around, check out Norway trains.


4. Nyhavn, Copenhagen 

This harbor in the capital of Denmark is easily one of the most iconic sites in the country. The rows of colorful houses all squished together, the old wooden ships and modern yachts lined across the port, and the vibrant townhouses – all of it makes a postcard-looking scenery. Nyhavn is a great place to spend the day relaxing and walking around. There is live music in the evenings and multiple restaurants where you can try authentic Danish cuisine. Also, if you travel around Christmas time, the canal is decorated with festivities and small markets for buying cute souvenirs and small gifts. 


5. Denmark’s Castles

Another one for Denmark! There are so many historical sites in this country, and a good number of those are castles. Each one is different and exciting in its own way, scattered across the whole country, and some of them are still used by the Danish Royal Family. You might want to check out the most popular ones: the Kronborg, Amalienborg, and Fredensborg. 

Kronborg is a magnificent Renaissance castle, once built to the ground and reborn like a phoenix! However, it is famous mainly for being the castle in William Shakespeare’s Hamlet

Amalienborg is an excellent choice for everyone who wishes to get a taste of the royal lifestyle firsthand as it is one of the palaces where the Danish Monarchy still resides.

Fredensborg was built as a hunting palace to Frederik IV in the 18th century. It attracts tourists with its expansive Baroque gardens.


Try to visit as much as you can on this trip to Scandinavia so that you can get to know the whole of Northern Europe a little better. Roam through the cities, meet new people, and see new things! The experience will be priceless! 

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