Tesla moves to AMD chip in new Model Y in China


(IANS) After moving to AMD in the new Model S, Elon Musk-owned electric vehicle company Tesla has reportedly started using a new AMD chip in new Model Y vehicles in China.

According to Electrek, the electric car maker is now using the US-based semiconductor company AMD’s Ryzen chip for the Model Y Performance’s MCU.

It is not clear if only the new Model Y Performance is using the AMD chip, but all variants of a Tesla vehicle generally use the same onboard computer.

Tesla also used AMD to power the new entertainment computer in the new refreshed Model S, the report said.

In that case, the automaker needed a lot of power since it claims the same computing power as the latest generation gaming consoles, it added.

Tesla has always been extremely focused on improving computing power in its vehicles, which people often call “computer on wheels” these days.

Much of the focus has been on its chips for self-driving, which the automaker ended up designing itself, but Tesla also has been updating its chips for its entertainment system (MCU).

At first, Tesla was partnering with Nvidia, then moved to Intel, and it now looks like the automaker might be moving to AMD, the report said.

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