Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 28th November– 4th December 2021

Love and Relationships

The current planetary transit may put a smile on your face and introduce a ray of sunshine into your life. If you have recently broken up in a relationship there may be no reason to worry as you may develop a wonderful new relationship with a cheerful person during the week. This may be the right time for a love affair if you have been dating someone in your office. A similar romantic situation is likely to continue even for married natives. Newlyweds may spend quality time with each other which may improve the bonding between them. There may be indications of a short trip to a nearby city.


Learning is good exercise. This may be an excellent phase for most Scorpio natives who may have been planning to undertake any competitive examinations. The outcome may be quite good, especially if the date of the exam may be around the weekend. All the planetary alignments may help you benefit more. If you are into online teaching, then you are likely to gain recognition among your fraternity. This may also improve your fortunes to a great extent. Make sure you prepare well as it may help you to put up a good impression.


A feeling of contentment may follow you this week. Some of you may keep themselves healthy both physically and emotionally. Do not skimp on workouts and make exercises your priority to reinvigorate you this week. Walking, running, lifting weights, or even gardening may keep oxygen levels healthy with good circulation of blood. Some of you may plan to control their diet. But make sure you do not get too imposing as this may not be completely helpful. Take the advice of your family doctor in case a family member suffers from viral fever as antibiotics may help them to get back to normalcy.


You may be safe when it comes to money and finance for the week. People in close relationships with you may suggest some pretty good investment plans. Pay heed to their suggestions as they may be less risky and may give you profitable gains. Of course, due diligence may be required on your part. But the universe indicates that what you may learn now may be crucial for the enhancement of finances. If you are looking for any seminars on investments, then you are likely to learn the basics of making money wisely. Remember you may receive gains only if you learn to make wise investments in the right avenues.


Assert your independence during the week. As you reach near to your goals there may be impediments that may get into the way of your career progress. Don’t let them overtake, as it may be time to triumph over others this week. Acting independently from others on business matters may not be advisable. You may make an error of judgment. Take an expert’s opinion wherever needed. Signing important deals may not bring a rise in your financial gains. Those looking forward to partnership deals, may not find the period suitable as you may need some more time to rethink them.

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