Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 21st November– 27th November 2021


Love and Relationships

This week is favourable for your love and romantic life, more so for those who are married or in a relationship. Try to be cooperative as much as you can, as you would find happiness with your partner. There are chances of you being in a position to connect with someone significant and influential this week. Gradually, love will bloom at your end, though there may be lesser response from the opposite person’s side. But, you should not get disheartened, as things would take some time to grow. Those who are married can make planning for a child this week.


Learning is the first step towards empowering your knowledge and betterment. You would gain confidence in accordance with the things you learn. This is the essence of your pursuits. Ensure that you put your learning into application, otherwise, you may land in trouble in the upcoming days. Hence, you need to have practical knowledge as well. A few students may get inclined towards taking new skill courses in the area of sport or physical activities. It can be getting enrolled for swimming classes or pursuing a professional level of athletics. This seems to be a favourable time to develop such skills.


This week, your health may be good but to an extent. Individuals who are under medications will need to be extra careful of recovering from an ailment. A few of you would be enjoying a different therapy like Ayurveda or practicing yoga for fitness. All these things would spread their light on your life. It is advisable to continue the medication and you would get well soon given that you take them regularly. There may be some days in the week wherein you may have to control your diet. Measures like taking more fluids than heavy food may help control weight.


There are chances of facing some ups and downs in money and finance this week. Some expenses may be high and saving money may seem difficult. It is advisable to do proper planning that can help you to be economical. Investments may make you happy this week. There are good chances of gaining via real estate. But, it is advisable to be aware of the title of the property that you may be dealing with. The week seems favourable to start an investment in your children’s name. Returns may be adequate and promising. Avoid giving credit to anyone this week.


There are chances of fresh opportunities coming in your career this week. If you are planning to get a business from overseas, then success is foreseen. You are also likely to get rewarding results. Those in search of a new job may find the current week to be favourable. New possibilities may be seen heading your way in a smooth manner. It is advisable to ensure that you remain confident while giving a job interview. You may also connect with someone guiding you on cracking the assessment. The outcome would be beneficial. You should listen to your intuition at this time.

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