Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 28th November– 4th December 2021

Love and Relationships

Utilize the coming week to learn something important and pertinent in your love life. Excess emotions do not help you to think rationally and this may affect your relationship during the phase. Maintain balance as much as you can and wait until the right movement does not turn out to be fruitful. Having open conversations or crucial discussions with your partner may be of prime importance. It may be the most appropriate moment to clarify things and set them straight. If possible, get to table talks to discuss these pointers and convince your partner easily. And if despite talks things don’t seem to materialize you may need to rethink your relationship.


Academically this is likely to be a testing week. More pain and problems are likely to occur for some students who may not feel happy to appear for any competitive examinations. Some may need to burn the midnight lamp to get good grades in their study courses. This may be too much to ask for, however, you may not be displeased with it. There is also a likelihood that you may need the help of your preceptors or teachers before cracking any competitive examinations. Remain focused until you learn everything clearly and thoroughly.


You may feel lethargic to travel as laziness may prevail this week. Some of you may take a break to remain at home which may add up to your sluggish nature especially around the weekend. Try to travel to your office regularly to improve your activities. Those suffering from asthma, may require to be very careful for the week. Breathlessness may turn out to be a serious concern for most of the natives. To keep up with good health conditions refrain from eating restaurant food and adhere to home-made food around the weekend.


Keep yourself relaxed this week as you may find the right moment to talk over some new plans or ideas with your boss or mentor who may be eager to listen to you. Talk to them about your expectations and also make them realize that you may need extended support from them. But make sure you are realistic and not over expecting. There may also be chances that you may not be able to find credit facilities easily this week. You may feel unhappy by the way you may be treated, however, this may just be a temporary phase. So relax as you may soon get out of all your problems.


At work, you may be able to take initiatives and steps that may boost your career this week. You may be happy with the way life may turn into your favor. But make sure you do not hurry up for anything. Let this move normally. Ganesha advises you to undertake new responsibilities as your dynamism may make everything seem easy. Maintain a normal pace at work and refrain from hasty decision making. In finances, ensure you don’t get carried away or make risky moves that may get off your budget.

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