Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 21st November– 27th November 2021


Love and Relationships

You may need to relax and give away any harmful feelings or thoughts from your love life. Do not get carried away in doubts during this time, and that would keep troubles at bay. It may also help you keep balance and harmony. Though this may be difficult, it is important to communicate with your partner directly and transparently. It is advisable to be open but also remain subtle simultaneously. For singles, the week seems to be unfavourable for new starts. However, you may be unable to hold back due to your temptations. You may need to take the first step.


This week may bring more interest into learning. But everything would be possible after your hard work. You may have a slow retention power initially, but as you stay focused, you may experience an increase in your memory. Those studying Mathematics are likely to perform well. However, you will need to handle other areas of education side by side. The week is a bit unfavourable for natives who are into artistic pursuits. There are chances of struggling to find a solid ground about your subject initially. But as you make progress through learning, this period may turn into a brilliant one.


The week may be a bit uncomfortable on the health front. The natives who have undergone an eye treatment the previous week may need to be careful. Your safety truly depends on the way you care for your eyes. Avoid travelling much and let yourself recover fully. A few individuals who have uncertain blood pressure should visit a specialist. You may be required to have some tests done to diagnose the problem. There are chances of you starting a diet plan that would help you be fit and increase immunity this week. Ensure that you do not starve yourself in dieting.


New plans may have occupied most of your time lately. This is a beneficial phase to expand your understanding about investments and start with them. There are chances of planning to take another method and generate income via the required source. This may be fruitful and lucrative. You may go to a foreign land for a trip and also be asked to make significant decisions during the visit. It is advisable to remain focused and not get carried away by any sort of charm. You just complete the given work with sincerity. Business expansion is likely to happen, which would also generate revenue.


The situation at work would remain normal this week. But, the environment with colleagues and partners may be a bit unfavourable. There are chances of arguments, so maintain patience while conversing with everyone at the office. You would also get moments of mutual support and understanding that can make the situation manageable and professional. This time is beneficial to work in partnership as you may get fruitful results. It is advisable to ensure that you share all the duties clearly rather than arguing about individual parts of credit. Teamwork is the key factor to bring good results during this week.

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