Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 14th November– 20th November 2021


Love and Relationships

You are suggested to relax a little bit to have a calm conversation about your feelings with your partner. You may have arguments with your partner that may lead you to issues in the recent past. In case you are facing these problems, then it is a favorable time to resolve it. It is best for you to avoid hesitation in rectifying it as it may reward you and your partner. It is a favorable time for singles to move towards the person that interests you. Those who are newly married are suggested to avoid silly debates that may affect your relationship. Slow steps may help you to enjoy quality time with your partner.


A week full of excitement is foreseen. However, some of you may face some hurdles this week. Some postponement of exams is seen, though not a harsh rule to apply. Your judgment may be clouded by distractions and it may lead you away from your goals. It is important to stay focused on your academics. Students aiming to enrol in higher education must keep their studies a priority and take advice from people if needed. There is a likelihood that you may not be interested in seeking creative learning this week.


You are likely to travel this week. However, you are suggested to avoid this as there are chances of minor accidents. It is best for you not to ignore minor Injury as you may suffer from septic related problems. There may be slow healing as you may get hurt in the same place that you have injured in the past. You are suggested to be careful and keep yourself safe as it helps you to stay away from the troubles. Some of you may plan to donate blood to the needy. It is best for you to ensure that there is hygiene in your donation.


It may be a favorable time to expand your horizons. It is best for you to widen all your sources of income. You may soon become a new, better version of yourself, enjoying exciting new elements of your existence. There are chances to earn through business and self-employment this week. Right investments may help you to get favorable gains. Those who are employed may expect income through promotion or increment. It is best for you to invest the extra money on a long term that may reward you. You are likely to buy a car or two-wheeler this week. You may make the vital down payment and seek ownership.


It is best for you to get mixed results as the week may be challenging to accomplish your work. You are suggested to maintain the same rhythm at work as this may help you to achieve your goals. Collaborations are likely to favor you as you may be popular and likable among your peers. You are suggested to keep your options open if you are planning to merge your business with another. This may improve your scope of expansion. It is best for you to avoid making hasty moves in your professional affairs. You are suggested to have complete clarity before changing your job. You may have some relaxed conversations outside your workplace, which may bring you money and prospects soon.

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