Pisces Weekly Horoscope 21st November– 27th November 2021


Love and Relationships

You may feel a lack of emotional bonding or a communication gap in your relationship. Jupiter and Saturn’s influence may move your marital life one step ahead to enhance your relationship. You may fail to give time to your partner, and this may give rise to difficulties this week. You would need to pay proper attention to your spouse’s health. Failure to communicate properly in love life may give tension. Avoid getting into a conflict with memories and try to create sweet ones instead. There are chances of love and romance being revived with your previous partner coming back this week.


Those into school may face some unexpected challenges. Will power and adherence in studies would bring rewards in your education. You may go for a sudden trip related to work this week. The natives preparing to give an interview or examination, this week, may get fruitful results. Individuals pursuing science or programming languages academically may find this week helpful. This is in terms of learning different things related to their project in the form of group studies. There are chances of a change in residence due to studies and some short distance trips to attend your classes. You may get guidance in studies from your mother.


You are likely to go through some change this week. Try to have acceptance to this change physiologically and it may help you health-wise. Have an active participation in your group. This would make you happy and save you from mental strain. Meditation is favourable for your overall well-being. Avoid using electronic gadgets excessively. Communication gaps in your love relationship may bring disappointment and lead to stress this week. Add green leafy vegetables in your routine breakfast along with a glass of fruit juice. If you make this a habit, you can have a nutritious diet and be healthy during this week.


This week is likely to give you different results on the financial front. Take an expert’s advice and that may be beneficial for monetary gains this week. Businesses related to land and property need due validation before going for a vital investment. You may be happy about small expenses on religious work and children’s education. Careers in writing or publishing business may give fruitful returns or gains this week. Siblings may seek financial help from you. There are chances of unplanned expenses on education or related material. Your family members may support you in monetary matters. You may spend money on a get-together with your in-laws.


You may succeed if you are giving an interview this week. A transfer, change in job, or in your working environment is foreseen. You may get instant work responsibilities. There are chances of sudden issues or clashes with your boss in regard to your job. This may cause some worries to you this week. It is advisable to remain cautious while interacting and sending emails about work and business matters. Professional lawyers or freelancers would have the support of luck. You may deal with a good client. Natives into writing profession or publishing business may get fruitful income this week.

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